How aseptic filling technology promotes plant protein beverage filling equipment to expand market scale?

As the standard of living rises, there is an increasing demand for diverse and high-quality food. This is particularly true for protein-rich dairy products, where people are no longer content with traditional animal-based options. Moreover, the growing number of individuals with lactose intolerance has created a market need for aseptic filling plant protein beverage filling equipment.

How aseptic filling technology promotes plant protein beverage filling equipment to expand market scale? 1

Plant protein beverage filling refers to using soybeans, nuts or pulp as raw materials. After special processing, the protein-rich liquid is extracted, and the beverage filling equipment performs a certain filling process to make a milky beverage. In the filling process of some beverage filling equipment, high-temperature sterilization technology is used to destroy the nutrients in plant protein beverages or a large number of preservatives are added to extend the shelf life of the beverage filling equipment. The plant beverage filling equipment produced from this beverage filling equipment has greatly reduced health effects on the human body.

The aseptic filling process, through the aseptic filling environment, temperature control, flow channel cleaning, and other technologies, strictly controls the microbial content in the beverage filling equipment, retains more nutrients, and extends the shelf life of the protein beverage more healthily. 

How aseptic filling technology promotes plant protein beverage filling equipment to expand market scale? 2

From this, we can conclude that a good-quality plant protein drink should meet the following packaging conditions:

  • Sterile environment: The dairy production process is required to be in a sterile closed environment from raw material extraction to aseptic filling and sealing. All process equipment must be in a sterile closed environment. And real-time sterile filling detection devices must be set up at all key control points to strictly control microorganisms. content.
  • Quantitative filling: The beverage filling equipment must accurately regulate the filling volume according to aseptic filling specifications in order to prevent under-filling or overfilling.
  • Temperature control: The aseptic filling process requires the beverage filling equipment to be at a constant normal temperature. There should be no temperature rise caused by the operation of the equipment to avoid the breeding of microorganisms or destroying the nutrients in the protein beverage.
  • Flow channel cleaning: During the production process, all beverage filling equipment components, including engineering components through which the liquid flows, as well as filling components including bottles, bottle caps, etc., must be sterilized to ensure that raw materials are from extracted to final aseptic filling, the entire filling process is conducted in a strict aseptic environment.

How aseptic filling technology promotes plant protein beverage filling equipment to expand market scale? 3

TECH-LONG Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Guangdong, China, with a national R&D center covering an area of more than 2,000 square meters. Under the leadership of 340 professional and technical engineers, it has obtained 800 patented technologies and will develop and launch 10 products every year, 15 new products and mature beverage-filling equipment of all types. In the field of beverage filling equipment, TECH-LONG relies on years of mature machinery manufacturing experience and precise data control capabilities to provide automated precision equipment for the entire process from filling bottle production to aseptic filling, labeling, and shipping. Several precise detection devices can monitor the normal operation of the process at any time, providing enterprises with extremely efficient aseptic filling performance. People from all walks of life are welcome to visit and learn about the high-end precision process performance of TECH-LONG's equipment.

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