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All-round overall solution service

At Tech-Long, we offer individual equipment or a combination of different equipment as a solution for your industrial needs. Based on your products, technical requirements, and limitations, TECH-LONG will develop a tailored solution for your requirements. We are dedicated to optimizing the use of floor space, maximizing equipment capacity, ensuring line flexibility, achieving maximum productivity, and providing user-friendly operations, all while adhering to your budgetary constraints.

Digital solutions
TECH-LONG actively promotes the application of smart factories and digital technology, combining automation and informatization to improve production efficiency and reduce costs with intelligent production processes.

We continue to innovate in the four core businesses of industrial software products, automation/information engineering services, industrial big data, artificial intelligence and smart factory consulting services, and have developed various intelligent industrial automation software and remote control software, which has covered many industries, such as daily chemical, wine, dairy, condiment and beverage industries.

Customized bottles

TECH-LONG provides comprehensive solutions for PET packaging, including PET bottle design and secondary packaging lines for bottled beverages.

Characterized by high-efficiency production capacity, flexibility, environmental sustainability and high-quality after-sales service, we provide comprehensive solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers and help them stay ahead in the fiercely competitive market.

Machining Services

In order to meet this demand, TECH-LONG continues to increase investment in digitalization and automation of processing equipment, which has effectively enhanced our production and manufacturing capabilities.

Equipped with several large-scale machining centers, TECH-LONG Machining Division has complete solution capabilities for vertical lathe and mantis-milling machining of heavy-duty and large-scale precision parts.
Global service network
Throughout the product life cycle, TECH-LONG provides comprehensive training, including equipment structure principles, maintenance knowledge, operation and simple maintenance, etc., to ensure that our customers are fully equipped with the skills to operate and maintain the equipment.

Our Human Resources Headquarters Training Center provides customers with in-depth theoretical training knowledge and comprehensive counseling support, and continuously improves the training content in response to the implementation effect and customer feedback.
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