Labeling Machine

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Combined labeling machine

Tech -Long Labeling Machine Manufacturer produces two types of labeling machines, self-adhesive labeling machines and hot melt adhesive labeling machines. These machines have gradually evolved based on the market's different requirements for the material, specifications, and methods of pasting labels. The models of these two categories can achieve more than 40% commonality in design.

● Adopting full servo drive and modular design of the labeling station, so that the combined labeling machine has the application functions of both types of machines in one machine.

● Saving customer space.

● Breaking the speed limit of the labeling station, multiple labeling stations realize ultra-high-speed labeling of the entire machine.

Self adhesive labeling machine

The self adhesive labeling machine is a device that uses a labeling station and a transfer mechanism to apply a label that is spread with self-adhesive glue onto bottles that pass through the mechanism.

● Adopting a rotary large plate frame design method to increase the design range of production capacity.

●Adopting the design method of independent labeling station to meet the labeling requirements of one to multiple labels.

● Realizing the automatic label receiving of self-adhesive labels.

Hot melt adhesive labeling machine

Hot-melt adhesive labeling machine is a device that uses a labeling station and a transfer mechanism to apply a label that is cut off according to the specified length and spread with hot-melt adhesive onto bottles that pass through the mechanism.

● The product categories are complete and can meet most of the hot melt adhesive labeling needs in the market.

● Adjusting to hot melt adhesive labels of various materials on the market with a wide range of adaptability.

● Using engraved rubber rollers and elastic scrapers to greatly reduce customer glue consumption.

Labeler (Blowing-Labeling-Filling-Capping Combi-Block Series)

Blowing-Labeling-Filling-Capping Combi-Block(BFC Monoblock Machine) is a combined equipment that integrates bottle blowing, labeling, filling and capping into one system, and transfers bottles by neck handling to minimize the damage of the equipment to the bottle. The labeling machine is located behind the bottle blowing machine, and the empty bottles are labeled through the bottle gripper transfer.

● Servo stretching and mechanical seal structures function to realize flexible adjustment of relative parameters, as well as maximum processing angle.

● Base Mould is interlock with mould opening and closing mechanism to reduce strike and vibration.

● Technology with 6 blowing units is adopted to reduce high pressure air consumption by 40%~55%.

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