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How do new-gen daily chemical filling machines solve technical difficulties?

As modern residents, we cannot live without daily chemicals, omnipresent in virtually every aspect of our existence-from personal hygiene products, such as shampoo to household essentials like laundry detergent.

While citizens are enjoying the benefits, their manufacturers may be racking their brains to deal with the filling issues. But what for?

3 technical difficulties for daily chemical filling machines to solve

The containers and caps of daily chemicals are usually in irregular shapes to distinguish their products. Therefore how do daily chemical filling machines fill the products in various bottles with the same accuracy and efficiency?
During the filling process, the characteristic of chemical products makes foaming, filament foaming, and dripping inevitable. So how do filling machines avoid wasting materials and maintain the same quantity of each piece?
In order to avoid scaring away customers with moldy items, it is imperative to maintain a clean filling environment. So, during the whole filling process, how to avoid adulterating the product?
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Don’t Worry – Let the specialist solve all the issues
TECH-LONG has taken the challenges and given two full-mark answers: flow meter filling machine and weigh filling machine. Let's see how the TECH-LONG daily chemical filling machines perform the magic with the following features.
● Accurate fill level control.
Automatic CIP dummy bottle.
Optimal flow path.
Fast recipe change.
Customized flow meters based on product conductivity.
Low maintenance.
How to choose one from the two?

Which is the optimal choice for you in the applications of washing detergent filling or laundry detergent filling?

● Volume-based measurement
● Uniformity of filling liquid
● Frequent bottle changes required
● Measured by weight
● The filling liquid is uniform or not
● Large containers
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How did they solve the 3 problems mentioned above?

Rapid Switch of Different Bottle Types

TECH-LONG daily chemical filling machines feature a built-in lifting system and disassemble a link plate star wheel system, which can maximize production flexibility by completely switching a production line in 15 to 30 minutes.
With years of experience in R&D, TECH-LONG's filling machine has been involved a significant upgrade of technologies, including multi-layers turbulence and strainer structure of filling valves, which effectively solves the problems of defoaming, leakage and filamentation.
Non-contact filling, centralized distribution system, sanitary-level diaphragm filling valves, non-backflow filling, and fully automatic CIP system – all these are specially designed to remove your worries about product sanitation.
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See how our client speak for us – excellent production line solutions for NICE
Established in 1968, NICE is a leading manufacturer of daily chemicals in China.
• Too many types of production equipment with low output efficiency and high energy consumption.
• Expensive and inflexible blowing molds.
• Blown bottles need time to consolidate and take up a large storing place.
• Risk of polluting products in storing process.
TECH-LONG provides PET bottle full line production with lower cost, higher efficiency and less energy consumption. Specifically the blower has been optimized by fast-switching mold technology to reduce labor intensiveness. And the whole production line for NICE is smart to embed a series of automated control technologies. With the help of digital MES system, high manufacturing efficiency is within easy reach.
As China's first blow-fill production line, this NICE PET bottle production line has achieved great success. The professional solution provided by TECH-LONG has garnered high praise from NICE, who consequently extended their gratitude and recognition by presenting us with a prestigious silk banner as a token of appreciation for our unwavering dedication and expertise.
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