●  Obtained CNAS laboratory accreditation certificate.
●  Being selected into the list of national-level manufacturing individual champion demonstration enterprises.
●  The cumulative sales volume of aseptic dry sterilization production lines exceeded ten.
● In 2021, TECH-LONG successfully developed a 24000BPH dry aseptic bottle blowing machine.

In 2021, TECH-LONG successfully manufactured and sold 7200BPH one-gallon square bottles with blow-paste-fill-cap function.
●  In February 2020, TECH-LONGorganized a charity donation activity and delivered a large number of N95 masks, medical masks, antibacterial hand sanitizers, and alcohol sprays to schools, suppliers, partners, Hospitals, public institutions.
●  In February 2019, leaders of water companies from all over the country visited TECH-LONG for exchange and learning.

●  On February 19, 2019, TECH-LONG Packaging machinery india private limited was successfully registered and officially entered the Indian and surrounding markets.
●  On March 10, 2018, the 25th China International Exhibition on Packaging Machinery & Materials (Sino-Pack 2018) with the theme of “Smart Packaging for the Future” was held in China Import and Export Fair Complex (Zone A). 
●  Guangzhou TECH-LONG Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. was listed among the key robot enterprises of Guangdong Province as the only robot integration solution provider in the packaging industry. The 36000BPH edible oil production line, set up by Guangzhou TECH-LONG Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. with PT.
●  TTECH-LONG won the “China Patent Excellence Award”, “Guangdong Patent Gold Award” and the title of “National Enterprise with Intellectual Property Advantages”. 

●  Introduced the SAP ERP system and Weaver OA system to upgrade and improve the management system.
●   Zhuhai Baolong Bottle Preform Co., Ltd, formally entering the field of PET bottle preform supply, taking the lead in setting a national standard.

●  The first domestic high-speed detergent production line was put into operation, marking that the automatic production level of the daily chemical industry reached a new stage.
●  In 2014, the wholly owned subsidiary of TECH-LONG—Tianjin Baolong Packaging Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established.

●  In 2014, TECH-LONG’s sixth-phase plant was put into use.
●  In 2013, the first post-doctoral research station officially of the packaging industry settled at TECH-LONG, which broke the record of no postdoctoral research station in the industry and provided strong technical support for personnel training and technological innovation in the industry.
●  In 2012, TECH-LONG Global Agent Conference and First International Marketing Strategy Forum successfully concluded in Dongguan of China, and nearly 20 dealers from around the world gathered there. 
●  In 2011, Tech-Long took the lead to formulate the national standard for PET automatic rotary bottle blowing machine, which meant that China’s manufacturing enterprises in this field were changing from “manufacturer” to “creators”. National standards of General Technical Conditions for Plastic Bottle Washing, Filling and Capping Machine as well as the Packing Machine formulated by Tech-Long were released.
●  In 2010, TECH-LONG's wholly-owned subsidiary—Dongguan TECH-LONG Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. was established.

●  In 2010, the brand TECH-LONG strategically upgraded, and the new color system of TECH-LONG was released, which employed the color complex system of "gray and yellow" as the primary color of Tech-Long brand, with the meaning of "brilliance".
● In 2009, the New Testing Center of TECH-LONG was put into use, equipped with cutting-edge detection instruments, complete testing equipment, and a comprehensive array of testing items unparalleled in the industry.

● On January 30, 2008,  A-share of TECH-LONG (Code: 002209) was formally listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

● In 2008, TECH-LONG joined hands with P & G Company to donate 250,000 yuan for snowstorm affected Deshengzhai Center Primary School of Chenmagang Town, Macheng City of Hubei Province.


● In 2007, Mr. Shi Wanpeng, the former president of the China Packaging Federation, visited TECH-LONG.

● In 2007, Comrade Zhu Xiaodan, the former Guangzhou Municipal Party Secretary, visited TECH-LONG for inspections.

● In 2006, TECH-LONG inked the investment cooperation contract with Guangzhou Kechuang Co., Ltd. As a result, TECH-LONG successfully increased its capital and stocks.

● In 2006, the fourth-phase plant of TECH-LONG was completed and put into use, and the total area of TECH-LONG reached 120 000 square meters. TECH-LONG became the largest beverage packaging manufacturing base in Asia.

● In 2005, Comrade Zhang Dejiang, the former Vice Premier of the State Council visited Guangzhou TECH-LONG Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. In the company of Comrade Zhang Guangning, the Mayor of Guangzhou City. Comrade Zhang Dejiang fully affirmed the independent innovation achieved by TECH-LONG.

● In 2004, the foreign journal of TECH-LONG Focus Tech Long was inaugurated.

● In 2004, the groundbreaking ceremony of the fourth-phase plant of TECH-LONG was held, and the relevant construction was launched.

● In 2003, apart from the establishment of offices in Beijing and Shanghai, TECH-LONG set up four offices in Huangyan, Wuhan, Xian and Chengdu and improved the domestic sales network.

● TECH-LONG's automatic blow molding machine made its official market debut in 2003 and quickly became a highly sought-after product due to its limited availability.


●  In 2002, the International Headquarters of TECH-LONG was established and successfully developed overseas markets.

●  In 2002, TECH-LONG passed ISO9001 certification by the German TüV company once only.

●  In 2002, TECH-LONG passed the assessment of high-tech enterprises in Guangzhou City.


●  TECH-LONG was established on December 18, 1999, with a modest factory premises spanning less than 40mu and a workforce of fewer than 100 employees. During this period, the company primarily focused on manufacturing equipment for 5-gallon containers and water filling machines for small bottles.

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