Edible Oil Lines

Edible oil lines Introduction
TECH-LONG has dedicated several years to achieving excellence in the filling of oil products, which include edible and industrial oils such as peanut oil, palm oil, blended oil, and lubricating oil. This process demands high filling accuracy and hygiene due to the volatility of the product and the potential for it to adhere to the surface of equipment, causing dripping. To address these challenges, after several years of continuous improvement, TECH-LONG not only mastered the core filling technology, but also made targeted improvements to the equipment appearance.  Ensure accurate filling, hygienic operation, and whether there are product residues left on the container appearance? For TECH-LONG oil filling machine, these are not a problem.
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Equipment advantages and features
● With suction back function to prevent dripping when the filling valve is finished.
Dual-speed filling work to optimize both filling speed and accuracy.
With automatic CIP device for fully automatic and rapid cleaning of pipelines.
Whole line 3D diagram
At TECH-LONG, we supply individual equipment or a combination of different equipment as a solution for your industrial needs. And we also offer customized solutions tailored to your specific technical and operational requirements.
Our projects

TECH-LONG's advanced and automated production technology has been highly acclaimed not only by local brands such as Midea and WATSON, but also by global Fortune 500 companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola.

TECH-LONG 's First Oil in Russia Officially Put into Operation
RUSAGRO, the largest ver tically integrated agricultural group of Russia, is mainly engaged in four categories of business, namely meat products, sugar, agricultural products and oil and fat products.
2023 09 15
Working with an Enterprise Directly under the Bangladeshi Army to Forge Ahead in Bangladesh's Grain & Oil Market
With the business involved in industry and mining, housewares, real estate and so on.
2023 09 13
First High-Speed PET Bottle Edible Oil Production Line in Edible Oil Industry was Successfully Put into Operation
Founded in 1981, the company, PT. Bina Karya Prima (hereinafter referred to as BKP), is one of the largest retailers of edible oil in Indonesia, whose products can be found in shopping malls and stores of all sizes throughout the Indonesian market.
2023 09 12
TECH-LONG Cooperates with Dalian Jinshi Grains & Oils, Occupying the Grain and Oil Market
The Dalian Jinshi Grains & Oils Foods Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dalian Jinshi Grains & Oils) is located in Jinzhou District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, and mainly produces and sell s edible soybean oil in bulk and soybean meal.
2023 09 12
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