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We can provide you with high-tech full bottle conveyor systems

Conveyor systems manufacturer plays an important role in production lines for water, beverages, dairy products, edible oils and cosmetics. How to connect the independent equipment into a proper complete line and achieve the best efficiency has a lot to do with conveyor system design. To meet different requirements from various industries, we can provide you with high-tech full bottle conveyor systems, carton conveyors, tilting conveyors, bottle cooling tunnels, bottle warmers, cap rinsers, and appendixes.
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Full bottle conveyors

Capacity: 6000-72,000BPH

PET bottle, glass bottle

Can be designed for different bottle sizes; with VFD to control speed.

Carton conveyors

Max. speed: 80Cartons /min

Carton, plastic case, film case

Used to convey carton, plastic case, film case in beverage production line.

Tilting conveyors

Capacity: 6000-48,000BPH

PET bottle, glass bottle

For hot filling production of PET and glass bottles.

Cooling tunnel/bottle warmer

Capacity: 6000-72000BPH

PET bottle, glass bottle, aluminum bottle

Used to cool down hot filing/ warm cold filing product with PET or glass bottles.

Cap rinser

Capacity: 6000-72000BPH

PET bottle

The purpose of cap disinfection is to provide continuous safe and hygienic caps for capping machine.


Cap elevator

Cap blower

Air dryer

Visual lamp

Handle application system

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