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PET blow molding machine

Is the stability and energy consumption of the equipment the primary factors to consider when purchasing PET bottles during the production process? Yes, in the production cycle of the product, the stability of the equipment and the reduction of energy consumption are necessary to achieve efficient production capacity and maximize your revenue. The continuous innovation of the TECH-LONG Blow Molding Machine Supplier will meet your different needs for equipment in multiple aspects.
Blow Molding Machine

TECH-LONG PET fully automatic rotary bottle blowing machine is the first high-speed fully automatic rotary bottle blowing machine developed and produced in China. As a national key torch program project, it fills the gap in the field of high-speed bottle blowing equipment in China. From the first fully automatic rotary bottle blowing machine independently developed and produced in 2002- RJM8, to the sixth generation fully automatic rotary bottle blowing machine, it has successfully achieved a proud leap from single mode 800BPH to single mode 2800BPH.

The sixth generation fully automatic rotary bottle blowing machine is developed by TECH-LONG using advanced international bottle making technology. It uses high-pressure compressed gas to blow PET bottle preforms into shape, with high automation and intelligence, excellent and stable product quality, high production efficiency, and low energy consumption. Widely used in the production of various liquid products and PET bottles.

Perfect PET containers, customized design principles, wide application scope

Drinking water, carbonated soft drinks milk and milk-based products, edible oil, juice & energy drink, tea, coffee
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The advantages of TECH-LONG PET blow molding machine

If you are seeking equipment that can offer you the most practical benefits. Tech-long Blow Molding Machine Manufacturer equipment can certainly deliver. As a classic, TECH-LONG bottle blowing equipment has been used in many factories around the world, and its technology has reached the industry-leading level. As a national key Torch Plan project, it has filled the gap in the field of high-speed bottle blowing machine equipment in China.
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Automa Blow Molding Machine

More aesthetic exterior 

Enhanced visual effect, thanks to the adopted fashion-forward exterior design. 

● Surround streamline design perfectly combines avant-garde art and industrial production.

● Highly customized color number and surface finishing technology show extraordinary quality from details.

● Uniform color matching of the whole line equipment.

● Utilities are isolated independently, which is safe and well arranged.

● Comply with the highest safety standards in Europe and America. 

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Higher speed  

The output per mold of the 6th-generation blow molders can reach 2600-2800 bottles. It is complete with servo motors and bottle blowing valves with faster response to improve efficiency.

Performance features: Improved efficiency
Output per mold:
Water bottle: 2650-2800BPH (≤0.6L)
Thermos bottle: 2000BPH (≤0.6L, 85 degrees)
CSD bottle: 2400BPH (≤0.6L)
Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

More stable operation

Adopting standardized and modular design, different series of machine variants have strong versatility, with optimized transmission system to reduce vibration.

● With standardized design concept, different series of bottle blowing machines are in platform and modular design for great versatility.

●Modular components have been proved to be highly stable and reliable after several years of validation.

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Smarter control 

The program processing capacity is improved by 3 times as servo integrator is used to control stretching and bottle blowing actions.

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More energy-saving

The newly designed oven and system can save utilities consumption by 10-15%, compared with the  5th generation. Only need a chiller and the cooling shields are no longer required.

Newly designed oven:

● Minimum possible preform distance: 35mm.

●Optimized spindle chain, oven and air circulation system for improved heating efficiency. .

● Ceramic reflective plate to increase heat reflection.

● Oven enclosed for less heat loss.

● Efficient bottle neck finish protection system to increase the temperature of oven.

● Compared with the oven for  5thgeneration, it saves utilities consumption by 10%-15%.

●  Compared with the oven for  5thgeneration, it saves utilities consumption by 30%-45%.

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Higher safety level

Complete with fully enclosed preform conveying channel and efficient lubrication system. Optional visual inspection system as well as sterilization and dust removal equipment.

bottle blow molding machine

More flexible production

Rapid and tool-free mold changeover within 1 minute is achievable, including on the preform un-scrambler and spindle head.

● For servo stretching mechanism, servo motor controls stretching speed to realize flexible process.

● Fast bottle type/bottle neck finish changeovers, facilitated by user-friendly quick changeover designs, enable customers to shift from mass standardized production to personalized and flexible manufacturing.

●Traditional quick changeover by 3 minutes per cavity, compatible with molds from other manufacturers.

● Super quick changeover, pneumatic quick changeover of left and right mold support blocks, < 1min/cavity, TECH-LONG patented design.

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High degree of intelligence

Rapid and tool-free mold changeover within 1 minute is achievable, including on the preform un-scrambler and spindle head.

Intelligent and Digitalized Smart Factory : Efficiency analysis.

Real-time monitoring: Real-time monitoring of equipment operation and data.

Efficient management: With data statistical analysis, multiple devices are uniformly managed for efficient management.

Data processing: By processing the real-time data of each device, the basic information of related device is obtained.

Comparative analysis: Then the information is compared and analyzed, and the operation and production status of the corresponding equipment are obtained. Digital informatization makes enterprise management simpler, more transparent and efficient.

Product series of bottle blowing machine

Precise technology and long-lasting engineering experience create unparalleled TECH-LONG series of bottle blowing machines. Based on the needs of customers, we have developed bottle blowing machines suitable for different fields.
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The stretch blow molding process

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The working principles of TECH-LONG blow molding machine

tubiao36 (3)
Preform infeed
tubiao37 (2)
Preform unscrambling
tubiao38 (2)
tubiao39 (2)
tubiao40 (2)
Stretching + preblowing + intermedia blow
High pressure blowing
End of blowing cycle
Bottle discharge
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The main components of TECH-LONG

blow molding machine

● Blow wheel      ● Oven      ● Preform unscrambler      ● Control system      ● Auxiliary equipment
12 (2)
● PLC control for high speed operation
● Manipulator automatically grasp preforms & bottles
● Servo stretching & mechanical sealing
● Six steps blow molding process
● Linkage of bottom mold and open-close mold
● Monitoring water, electricity & air running
13 (2)
● The preform loading, heating and neck cooling are realized.
● Stable infrared heating system.
● Multiple heating area, each heating area is individually controlled.
● The stepless regulation of infrared tube voltage.
14 (2)
● Programmed preform conveying, infeed and unscrambling
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The performance of

TECH-LONG blow molding machine

Bottle type

PET bottle, used in the packaging of water, juice, carbonated beverage, edible oil, soy sauce, daily cosmetics and so on.

Single mold capacity

Water bottle—2250-2400BPH (≤0.6L)

Heatset bottle—1800BPH (≤0.6L)

CSD bottle—2000BPH (≤0.6L)

Bottle size

0.25L -10L

Bottle variety

(1) CPXD series

Bottle size 4L-10L

(2) CPXX series

Bottle size 0.25L-0.77L

(3) CPX series

Bottle size 0.25L-2.5L

(4) CPXF series

Square bottle size 0.25L-2.5L

(5) CPXM series

Bottle size 0.25L-3.3L

(6) Shape bottle

Series bottle size 0.25L-2L

blowing molding machine

Bottle design & mold service

TECH-LONG professional bottle design team can design the best bottle that  immediately captures the attention of consumers.

As a complete turn-key solution supplier, we master every key parameter to improve uptime and line efficiency. Whether you need a standalone machine or a complete solution, TECH-LONG will always use in-house expertise to make what you need come true. For one thing, we provide the best line design and manufacturing concept to make your line as efficient and flexible as possible. For another, we manufacture the most optimized bottle design and molds for your line and product requirements.


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