BFC Monoblock Machine

The current situation of the filling machine industry

● The rapid development of PET bottled water.

● Increasing demands for energy conservation and waste reduction.

● Intense market competition and increased emphasis on cost control.

● Growing adoption of sustainable development and "green" factories.

Why choose TECH-LONG BFC monoblock machine?

● High efficiency, high yield, low energy consumption.

● TECH-LONG's production line boasts an exceptional efficiency rate of 85%, with a corresponding finished product rate of over 99.5%, ensuring maximum income.

● At present, TECH-LONG is one of the few company with the R&D capacity of injection molding, bottle blowing and filling in the world.

● With the ability to design preforms and bottle shapes.

●TECH-LONG currently has the industry's most advanced R&D design platform and laboratory equipment.

● Flexible and open cooperation modes optimize customer options.

TECH-LONG light bottle blowing-filling-capping combi-block shocking launch

TECH-LONG is a leading global BFC Monoblock Machine supplier that has successfully mastered the key technologies of PET bottle-blowing and filling. With extensive experience in whole-line projects, our integration of bottle-blowing and filling technologies is the foundation of the advanced BFC Combi-block equipment. Through innovative online molding and filling equipment, we have achieved a significant reduction in energy consumption of over 25%, filling a gap in the Chinese industry and reaching an international advanced level.

Why choose TECH-LONG BFC Monoblock Machine?

The rapid development of PET bottled water.

Higher and higher requirements for energy conservation and discharge reduction.

Huge pressure of market competition. high demand of cost control.

The gradual popularization of the concept of sustainable development and "green" factory.

● High efficiency, high yield, low energy consumption.

● The production efficiency of TECH-LONG' s whole line is not less than 85% rate of finished products is not less than 99.5%, thus ensuring the maximum of income.

● At present, TECH-LONG is one of the few company with the R&D capacity of injection molding, bottle blowing and filling in the world.

● The ability to design preforms and bottle shapes.

● TECH-LONG has the most leading R&D design platform and laboratory equipment in the industry at present.

● Its flexible and open modes of cooperation offer the most optimized options to customers.

Technical data

Filling stuff Water, fruit juice, tea drinks, functional drinks, carbonated drinks.
Packing PET bottle
Volume From 250 to 2500 ml
Bottle shapes Circular, square or rectangular.
Capacity (bottles/hour) 6,000-43,200
Filling technology Isobaric filling. negative pressure fillingpressure filling. gravity filling.
The number of bottle-blowing molding cavity 6-24
The number of filling valves 24-90
The number of capping heads 6-18

The advantages of bottle BFC combi-block

● High efficiency of the whole line.
● Low investment in equipment.
● Low operation cost.
● Low investment in the plant.
● Easy manipulation.
● Less maintenance.
● Improved mechanical safety.
● Hygienic, safe and reliable.
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The advantages of bottle BFC combi-block


● High efficiency of the whole line
● Low investment in equipment
Low operation cost
Low investment in the plant
Easy manipulation
Less maintenance 
Improved mechanical safety
Hygienic, safe and reliable 

Correlation datas

BFC combi-block
Traditional "bottle-blowing machine+filling machine"
● Improving overall efficiency by 5% (the BFC combi-block now achieves a 98% efficiency).
●Cutting equipment investment by 10-20% (air conveyor and bottle rinser are not required).
● Reducing the investment in plant by 65% (The coverage area of the equipment is reduced greatly)
Reducing the energy consumption by 15-20% (Fewer operators; lower start-up wastage; no energy consumption for air conveyor or bottle-jamming waste)
Reducing the amount of pure-water used by about 35% (It is unnecessary to wash bottles with water)
Note: The above-mentioned data are the contrast between BFC Combi-block and the traditional "bottle blowing machine + filling machine".
Calculation conditions: 500-ml bottled water line. 30000 BPH. varying with different products.  

Refer to PET light-weight bottles

The lightweight bottling of BFC Combi-block aligns with the global low-carbon economy theme. It outperforms traditional beverage equipment with its high efficiency, low cost, and low energy consumption.

Replacing the traditional production technology marked by the separation of bottle-blowing, filling and capping machines with the Light bottle BFC Combi-block will be the trend in the industry.
 Reducing the gram weight of preforms completely.
 Reducing the thickness of bottle wall. 
 Optimizing the heating system of preforms. 
 Developing new-type bottle-clipping devices and filling valves to realize the filling of light-weight bottles.
Introducing a new cap-sorting system with an automatic rejection feature using a detecting device.
The current weight of 550ml PET bottles: 15g-19g
The weight of 550ml PET light-weight bottles: 9.8g-11.8g
The weight of new 26mm light-weight caps: 1g
Extra-light weight of bottle neck: 2g
Innovative design of small bottle neck: 26mm
Extra-thin support ring design: 1.2mm
Saving water, power, and the area of plant
Injecting nitrogen to guarantee the strength of bottles
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Innovative points

Lightweight bottles specially designed to weigh only 9.8g-11.8g for 550ml capacity.

High-speed integration of blowing, filling and capping.

● The maximum capacity: 43200 BPH Volume≤750 ml water bottles.

● Synchronously driven by dual variable frequency motor (bottle blowing machine + filling machine).

Efficient infrared spectrum absorption heating method with high-density 38mm heating and optimized four-section three-variable control system for bottle blanks.

Optimized cam curve design, stable and highly-efficient bottle-blowing technology, small-size mould, optimized die carrier, bottle neck protection and optimization design, bottle blank electrostatic precipitation.

High-speed gravity filling with optimized valve design, precise level control of filling liquid, and injection of a certain amount of liquid nitrogen.

High-speed bottle-blowing defect (bottle neck damage, broken bottle, and improper molding) image detection, bottle capping and sealing quality high-speed image recognition and detection, transparent liquid foreign-matter high-speed image recognition and detection.

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