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Tech-Long Attends 2021 China (International) Dairy Technology Expo
The 27th Annual Meeting of the China Dairy Industry Association and the 2021 China (International) Dairy Technology Expo was held in Hangzhou International Expo Center from September 10-12, 2021.
2023 07 21
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The long road to education has been filled with love for students. Over the past decades, Tech-Long has always adhered to its original intention and always been grateful.
2023 11 15
Dubai, this miracle in the desert, is not only an ancient city with thousands of years of culture, but also a city pearl with world-class modern urban facilities.
2023 11 14
In this autumn season, Tech-Long once again embarks on the journey of international exhibitions to demonstrate the solid power of Made in China with its strength and quality.
2023 11 14
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Something You Need to Know about PET Blow Molding Machine
PET bottles as a package have been widely used in many industries, like food& beverage, cosmetics, medicines, etc. The product manufacturers either make PET bottles by themselves or buy PET bottles from suppliers. No matter in which ways, PET blow molding machine is used to produce those PET bottles, because it can meet package requirements for various manufactures.
2023 07 21
4 Quick Tips Regarding Bottle Filling Machine
As the name suggests, an automatic bottle filling machine works with a special mechanism to fill liquids within bottles in succession. It has a wide range of applications like soft-drink, alcoholic drink and pharmaceutical industries.
2023 07 21
How to Choose the Best Automatic Case Packer?
The packaging industry is so vast that packaging machines occur for high efficiency. An automatic case packer is a very advanced robot that uses servomotor technology and combines it with a precise motion control system to make it possible to sort and place a variety of products inside the box.
2023 07 21
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