A New Generation of Water Filling Machine

UltraClean BFC (Blow-Fill-Cap) monobloc machine

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More energy-efficient, hygienic and intelligent

Applicable filling product: All kinds of drinking water.
Bottles used: Cylindrical or rectangular bottles in PET.
Cap used: Standard plastic screw caps.
Max bottle diameter (or diagonal): ≤200mm.
Bottle height: 220-410mm.

Ultra hygienic filling production line

Although the filling technology has reached a mature state in the beverage industry, TECH-LONG's innovative water filling machine can save 20% - 30% of the building area and packaging energy. And the automatic and intelligent water bottling solutions help customers achieve up to 90% production efficiency and yield of finished products no less than 99.5%.

In the neutral medium test, the internal environment of the TECH-LONG aseptic filling machine and various indicators of the container met the relevant process requirements under the condition of keeping the aseptic environment for 72 hours. In addition, 54155 bottles of juice filled under the aseptic filling technology were also tested to meet the inspection standard of neutral products after a 14-day, 36℃ inspection.

The verified data indicate an advanced level of aseptic juice filling solution of TECH-LONG in the international market and earns the trust of beverage companies for strong and lasting partnerships. As a turnkey solution provider for the beverage industry, TECH-LONG has been committed to the technical R&D of bottle-blowing machines and filling machines to expand their product offerings.

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Cold water filling (ESL)

Sensitive products like pasteurized milk, yogurt, and fresh juice need to be transported and distributed in a cold chain to maintain their quality. Preservative-free products also require filling in an ultra-clean environment at low temperatures to preserve their original flavor and nutritional value.

TECH-LONG Water Filling Machine Manufacturer supplier uses the ESL (Extended Shelf Life, also called cold chain) technology for product filling, which involves filling the products in hygienic and cold temperature conditions. The products have passed through a sterilization device before filling to reduce microorganisms. And the cold temperature will inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Product quality is thus maximized without preservatives.

Ambient filling

TECH-LONG employs Ultra Hygienic water filling technology for flavored water, soda water, pocari sweat, and similar products. Ultra Hygienic filling applies the key technology of aseptic water filling, which uses a rigorous sterilization process and fills the product in a 100-grade environment to avoid product contamination during filling. The ambient filling will reduce the heating time while guaranteeing the nutrition and flavor of products.

Ambient water filling production line breaks the limitations of hot fill bottle design, which allows a variety of bottle shapes, reduces bottle weight and cost.

Warm water filling

TECH-LONG water filling machine system is applicable for high acid beverages & heat-sensitive beverages, which can fill the products in a grade 100 environment. It offers automatic valve or flow meter filling, with high speed and minimal residue. With the ultra-hygienic warm filling, it combines aseptic and hot filling technologies, using the sterilization process of aseptic filling and featuring reflux in hot filling technology.

Main features:

1.  Reduce the filling temperature and energy consumption.

2. Reduce the cost of packaging material.

3. Preserve the flavor and texture.

4. Prevent bottle expansion during hot filling.

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