Aseptic Filling Lines

Aseptic Filling Lines Introduction

    Based on its mature BFC integration technology in which TECH-LONG has led the domestic counterparts, TECH-LONG has developed aseptic filling production line, which has unparalleled advantages compared with domestic counterparts. After technical precipitation and experience accumulation in recent years, TECH-LONG has introduced a new generation of aseptic BFC combi-block for PET bottles at ambient temperature. TECH-LONG aseptic filling machine includes three interconnected steps: bottle sterilization, filling and capping, all performed within an aseptic isolation warehouse for complete isolation from the external environment and effective aseptic filling machine. 
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The aseptic filling line process

Aseptic filling technology comprehensively applies aseptic isolation technology and microbial control technology, which has unique advantages and characteristics in technology.

It is basically suitable for all liquid drinks, such as juice, tea drinks, functional drinks, plant protein drinks, and milk-containing drinks.

Filling at normal temperature can reduce the high-temperature heating time of the beverage, and the product has less vitamin loss and richer nutrition, thus maintaining the original flavor of the beverage product. Additionally, this process reduces packaging costs significantly when compared to hot filling, which translates into improved market competition. Furthermore, the shape design of packaging containers is more diverse.

Equipment advantages and features

● Stable bottle blowing equipment ensures smooth aseptic production.

The high-precision aseptic filling machine valve adapts to the characteristics of different materials.

With non-contact filling to prevent cross-contamination.

Complete with efficient and stable aseptic capping machine to ensure product quality.

The central control system is the central nerve of the whole filling production line.

Aseptic isolation bin design can meet the continuous production of low-acid products for more than 96 hours.

Products manufactured with sterile equipment require no added preservatives and can be stored at room temperature.

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Aseptic Filling Lines

Whole line 3D Diagram

At TECH-LONG, we offer individual aseptic filling machine or a combination of different equipment as a solution for your industrial needs. According to your products, technical requirements and constraints, TECH-LONG will design the most suitable solution for your requirements.
Aseptic Filling Lines

Aseptic Filling Lines Projects

The high-tech automated production technology of TECH-LONG Filling machine has received high recognition by not only domestic brands.
such as Midea and WATSON but also international ones such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola, which are also Fortune 500 companies.
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