Complete Line Solution

Water filling lines

Water is a dynamic entity with various forms such as mineral water, purified water, and other types of drinking water. Therefore, what kind of specialized process is used to prevent the production of bromate? How does the filling valve work to make every bottle of water crystal clear and free of impurities? What kind of technology is utilized to achieve high-speed, high-precision filling, or to minimize the weight of the bottle ? As an expert in liquid product filling technology, TECH-LONG is always able to provides optimal solutions for various product forms.

Aseptic filling lines

Based on its mature blow-fill-cap integrated technology that is ahead of its domestic peers, TECH-LONG's aseptic filling production lines have incomparable advantages over domestic peers.

After years of technology and experience accumulation, TECH-LONG has launched a new generation of room-temperature sterile blow-fill-cap integrated equipment for PET bottles.

Carbonated drink production line

The variety of sparkling drinks is extensive and ever-changing, with novel trends, diverse assortments, and innovative packaging continually surfacing. From Coke and Sprite to sodas, sparkling mixed drinks, cocktails, and flavored waters. 

Hot fill lines

Juice, tea drinks, mixed milk drinks, liquid foods, drinks containing particles, functional drinks, milk tea, coffee... Nowadays, new drinks with rich tastes and diverse types are emerging in an endless stream, which are extremely popular in the market.

TAnd the richness of beverages places extremely high demands on production equipment. For example, How to ensure the taste? How to deal with the diced fruits of drinks containing fruit pieces? And how can hygiene, filling accuracy, temperature, etc. be guaranteed?

Edible oil lines

The filling process for oil products, including edible oil and industrial oil, such as peanut oil, palm oil, blended oil, and lubricating oil, demands precise filling accuracy and strict hygiene standards. Due to the high volatility of these products, there is a risk of adsorption on equipment surfaces, potentially leading to dripping.

Sauces & dressings

Condiments are divided into liquid condiments and sauce condiments, normally including soy sauce, cooking wine, vinegar, sugar water, ketchup, chili sauce, etc.

Its high salinity necessitates high anti-corrosion performance of the equipment. During the filling process, it is necessary to focus on solving problems such as product bubbling and dripping, while simultaneously ensuring accurate filling amounts to maintain product consistency.

Daily chemical product filling line

Daily chemical products usually include laundry detergent, dish soap, shampoo, disinfectant, conditioner, softener, mouthwash, etc.

The bottles and caps of these kind of products are often diverse and irregular, so do the packaging containers vary. While at the same time, product filling can present significant technical challenges, including issues with foaming, drawing, and dripping. Additionally, the demanding requirements of filling accuracy and hygiene require production capacity must also be taken into consideration.
Complete Line Solution
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