Enterprise Culture

Runs for you
"Runs for You" means focus on delivering customers' benefits.
It also perfectly points out that our products work by running and give life for our products. It implies that we are market-orientated, work around customers and pay full attention to employees and shareholders' value.
For customers, it signifies our commitment to delivering exceptional, comprehensive, and well-rounded service. For employees, it communicates our dedication to prioritizing the needs and desires of our customers as a driving force to enhance the quality of our work..
It implies that we based our value on enterprise, which fully shows Tech-Long’s sense of responsibility as a modern enterprise.
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Enterprise culture
To deliver customers' value safely and efficiently
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Grow to the internationally advanced supplier of total solutions in liquid packing machine industry
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Customer orientation, respect talents, proactive innovation, cooperation and mutual benefit
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Customer orientation

External customer orientation
Our starting point and goal is to enhance the value of our customers based on their needs.

Internal customer orientation

● Process customers: The next process is the customer of the former one during the work or operation flow.


Function customer: The served party is the customer of the servicing one for all functional depts. to provide services.

Respect talents

Double factors for talents
Identify with the company's core values.
Create value for the company continuously.
Three factors for respect

● Promote growth: Value wisdom, knowledge, and proficiency as essential sources, and foster their growth to enhance talent caliber. 

● Create a conducive setting: Create an environment for fair competition, promotion or demotion and survival of the fittest. 

Match aptitude to role: Place individuals in roles that align with their strengths and capabilities to ensure optimal performance.

Proactive innovation


It is the power and platform for business growth.

● Concept Innovation

● Technology Creation

● Procedure Creation

● Management Creation

● Service Creation

Attempt to progress, actively study to pursue new targets. We firmly believe that continuous initiative is the only way for innovation.

Cooperation and mutual benefit

Staffs create value for the company and establish a value-sharing platform.
Our continuous development maximizes value for the shareholders.
Establish long-term cooperation and mutual development.
Benefit to society through environmental protection and public activities.
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