Water series
TECH-LONG and AMAZING WATER LAO Sign a Contract on a 20,000BPH Blowing-Filling-Capping Water Line-1700203634989820
Laos, a country bordered on Yunnan, China and surrounded by Thailand, Cambodia, V ietnam, and Myanmar, seems to have fallen into the shade under the luster of its neighboring countries.
Hebei Jinshahe Group officially enters the bottled water industry
In early January 2019, Hebei Jinshahe Group keenly perceived the promising development of the bottled water industry.
TECH-LONG provides the whole line solution for Jinmailang
In March 1994, a wheat-based enterprise, Jinmailang, was born and quickly grew into a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization and a national leader in the integration of primary sector, secondary sector and tertiary industry in rural areas.
The First BFC Monobloc Line of TECH-LONG on Malaysia Put into Operation Smoothly
L A BOOST HE ALTH BE VER AGES MFG SDN. BHD (hereinafter referred to as La Boost), was established in 1985, its factor y is located at Shah Alam.
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Carbonated beverage
TECH-LONG and Pepsi
Pepsi, a world leading company in beverage andsnack foods, is also one of the most successful onein consumer goods, with a staff of 140, 000 in morethan 200 countries and regions.
TECH-LONG and Coca cola
Coca-Cola, with its sales of carbonated beverageatop the globe, is the most famous soft drinkbrand, holding spectacular global market shareof 48%%.
TECH-LONG Rises to Fame in Canada Market
People might well confuse Canada with America due to a general resemblance with minor differences between the two countries from geography, politics to cultures. However, Canada has its own characteristics.
TECH-LONG Provides Vietnam Number One Hanam with the First 36000BPH Warm Filling Machine for Water & Carbonated Drinks
As one of the renowned beer producers in Vietnam, THP Group provides a wide range of products (including THP and Number One) and it take up over 35% of the local beer market shares.
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Fruit juice
Diversified Pran Group, dedicated to improve the life of people
Pran Group was established in 1980 and is the biggest fruit and vegetable processing factory in Bangladesh, and encourages farmers to produce high quality products and increase the output for selling at a higher price. Pran Group, with the headquarter locating in Dhaka, has more than 10 branches throughout Bangladesh.
TECH-LONG Helps to Upgrade Daily Fresh FruitsIndia Private Limited
Founded in 2008, the Daily FreshFruitsIndia Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as Daily Fresh), is a private limited company specializing in producing and selling fruit juice beverages, carbonated beverages, and others.
Yeling Beverage Works with Tech-Long for Aseptic Filling Solutions
Anhui Yeling Beverage and Food Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of well-known Chinese beverage manufacturer Anhui Ying Jia Group, which carries out two categories of Baijiu and beverage.
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Tea beverage
Shanghai Tenwow Foods Co., Ltd. applies Tech-Long filling production entire line
Shanghai Tenwow Foods Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 located in Sijing Development Zone, Songjiang District of Shanghai with a total investment reaching 35 million and a registered capital of RMB20 million.
Tech-Long and Dali Group Comes to anothe Peak of Cooperation
Tech-Long and Dali signed a contract of ten 24000 BPH hot filling production lines, 24 fully automatic bottle blow moulding machines
Real Nutriceutical Works With Tech-Long to Smooth Everything
Founded in 1997, Real Nutriceutical is now the largest manufacturer of amino acid-based nutritional supplements in China with a 32.9% market share.
Tech-Long and Uni-president Start New Cooperation
Five years ago, Tech-Long’s first DRS30000 conveying system for secondary packing machines entered into the production line of Uni-president Group for the first time. During the 5 years, the cooperation between Tech-Long and Uni-president Group has developed rapidly from 1 project in the first year to 10 projects in the fifth year.
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Tech-Long and Donggu Soya Sauce
Fully automatic sauce packing product line (24000 BPH product line turn-key project)
Develop exquisite product with new surpass Open the door for soy sauce production line
Develop exquisite product with new surpass Open the door for soy sauce production line
Haday Foods: cooperate with TECH-LONG to completely improve the production efficiency
Foshan Haday Flavoring Foods Co., Ltd. was originated from the Qianlong years in middle Qing Dynasty about over 200 years ago.
“Freshness”leading into the future ——TECH-LONG Explores American Market with Huy Fong Foods USA.
Our secret is no other than freshness Freshness is the secret of success for HuyFong Foods Inc.
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Dairy products
Launch ceremony of Black Bull’s  liquid double-protein soy milk project
BLACK BULL FOODS CO., LTD is the head of soybean processing enterprises in China, and also one of the units that drafted national standards of soymilk powder and industrial standards of multi-nutrition oatmeal.
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Grain and oil
TECH-LONG 's First Oil in Russia Officially Put into Operation
RUSAGRO, the largest ver tically integrated agricultural group of Russia, is mainly engaged in four categories of business, namely meat products, sugar, agricultural products and oil and fat products.
Working with an Enterprise Directly under the Bangladeshi Army to Forge Ahead in Bangladesh's Grain & Oil Market
With the business involved in industry and mining, housewares, real estate and so on.
First High-Speed PET Bottle Edible Oil Production Line in Edible Oil Industry was Successfully Put into Operation
Founded in 1981, the company, PT. Bina Karya Prima (hereinafter referred to as BKP), is one of the largest retailers of edible oil in Indonesia, whose products can be found in shopping malls and stores of all sizes throughout the Indonesian market.
TECH-LONG Cooperates with Dalian Jinshi Grains & Oils, Occupying the Grain and Oil Market
The Dalian Jinshi Grains & Oils Foods Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dalian Jinshi Grains & Oils) is located in Jinzhou District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, and mainly produces and sell s edible soybean oil in bulk and soybean meal.
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Barreled water
Many successful cooperations made Tania firmly choose Tech-Long again.
Tania chose Tech-Long again as the Liquid Packaging Machine Supplier for its new project in 2013. It took only two months from initiation to cooperation.
Tania Water Factory, Saudi Arabia
Started in 2003, as a water factory in Al Kharj; todayTania has become one of the fastest and largest growingcompany in the 5 Gallon industry in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.Tania is a family owned business managed by the Dossari Family under the patronage of management of Eng. ShouimyAlDossari (General Manager)
Fayha Al Qassim Water Factory, Saudi Arabia
Tech-Long has achieved a good reputation in the Middle East and East Africa. Starting in 2003 with 5 Gallon Rinsing-Filling Capping machines, Tech-Long has installed over 65 operational plants sin the region for 5 Gallon RFC ranging from 120 BPH to 3000 BPH. After the huge success of these machines, Tech-Long has built confidence.
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Daily chemical
Win-Win Cooperation between Tech-Long and Blue Moon Create High-Quality New Life
Bearing the idea of "focus our efforts on wash", the Guangzhou Bluemoon Industrial Co., Ltd, as a professional company producing wash products, has become the leading company in wash industry by integrating the international top technology into the Chinese life. As the first professional brand in household product in China,
TECH-LONG and NICE Build the First Blowing Filling Connection Line in the Domestic Daily Chemical Industry
The predecessor of NICE is the local state-owned Lishui Wuqi chemical plant established in 1968, and the group was established in 2001.
How TECH-LONG PET Complete Line Solution Helps the Production of Nice Group Daily Chemical Products
Based on traditional craftsmanship and equipment, most of the packaging containers for daily chemical products use HDPE materials and one-step bottle production.
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Amway Nutrilite "Tastes" New  Robotics Technology
Amway Nutrilite, a quality brand offering nutrients and food supplement, delivers output in tens of millions. While manual packaging is toilsome, robots can do the work easily.
TECH-LONG Helps First Union Animation Technology Co., Ltd. in Building Toy Automatic Packaging Line
First Union Animation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the First Union) is an enterprise producing various OEM plastic electronic toys. The company enjoys nice environment in Gonglian Industrial Park, Wanjiang District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.
TECH-LONG Automation System's Success in Fireworks Production Industry
Recently, automatic packing and detection, labeling and loading system of Tech-Long was accepted by one of fireworks company in Guangdong Province and also get a good feedback from customer.
Application of  TECH-LONG Integrated Automation Solution in Packaging of IKEA Photo Frames
Plastic Co., Ltd., situated in Shunde District, Foshan City, is a plastic product producer owned by Hisense as well as a quality producer of IKEA. In the end of 2015, innovative Rongshen Plastic introduced in a new production line, the first automatic photo frame fitting line in China.
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