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Dedicated to providing full line customized Liquid Packaging Machine products solutions

On 30th January 2008, A-share of TECH-LONG (Code: 002209) was formally listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and TECH-LONG thereby became the first listed company in the industry of beverage packing machinery in China.
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Industry solutions

Always offer the right Liquid Packaging Machine solution for you

In order to deliver a top-tier service, TECH-LONG Liquid Packaging Machine Manufacturers is committed to innovation and has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in developing solutions for different industries such as water, carbonated beverages, hot canned beverages, ultra clean cold chain, ultra clean room temperature, ultra clean medium temperature sterile canned daily chemical products, oil seasonings and so on to meet various process requirements.
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Turn-key packaging solution provider

TECH-LONG, as a premier equipment Liquid Packaging Machine manufacturer within the liquid packaging industry, offers comprehensive solutions and cutting-edge technologies for liquid product packaging, smart workshop design, state-of-the-art designs of smart factories and innovative software and hardware.
The treatment process used in the water treatment system depends on the water quality of the water source and the purpose of the product water use.
The pretreatment system is specially designed to produce juice, tea drinks, lactic drinks, aerated drinks, etc.
TECH-LONG PET stretch blow molding machine is the first national brand of high-speed rotary stretch blow molding machine.
Our expertise lies in complex products, specifically filling equipment that fills liquid into clean containers and seals them with caps under sanitary conditions.
The TECH-LONG automatic large bottle filling machine employs non-contact filling and eliminates product recirculation to effectively prevent product contamination.
TECH-LONG develops aseptic filling production lines based on its mature blow-fill-cap integrated technology that is ahead of its domestic peers, and has incomparable advantages over domestic peers.
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TECH-LONG is one of the few suppliers in the world that has mastered the two key technologies of PET bottle-blowing and filling.
Our Blowing-Labeling-Filling-Capping monobloc machine efficiently integrates blow molding, labeling, filling and capping machines in one block.
TECH-LONG's labeling machines include combined labeling machine, rotary self-adhesive labeling machine, Hot melt adhesive labeling machine and BLFC series labeling machine.
TECH-LONG bottle packaging machines can be categorized as auto palletizers and depalletisers, automatic shrink wrap machines and wrap-around packers, case packers and case unpackers, and integrated automation systems.
To meet different requirements from different industries, we can provide you with high-tech full bottle conveyor systems, carton conveyors, tilting conveyors, bottle cooling tunnels, bottle warmers, cap rinsers, and appendix.
Our palletizing system is modular, featuring three types of palletizing machines: traditional double column palletizing machine, single column structure palletizing machine, and Anthropomorphic robot palletizer.
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All-round overall

Liquid Packaging Machinesolution service

At TECH-LONG, we are not only a leading supplier of individual equipment or a combination of different equipment as a solution for your industrial needs, but also a reputable liquid packaging machine manufacturer and supplier. We will carefully assess your products, technical requirements, and operational constraints to create a customized and optimized solution that meets your unique situation.
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Kecheng's manufacturing operations management (MOM) system
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TECH-LONG accessories manufacturing capabilities
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TECH-LONG provides comprehensive solutions for PET packaging
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Provide you with a turnkey solution for intelligent chemical plants
Prioritize customer satisfaction and actively with partners
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Feel free to contact us

As an industry pioneer, TECH-LONG has abundant confidence and strength to tailor full line solutions for you.
For more information about our Liquid Packaging Machine products, welcome you to contact us at any time!

We focus on customer satisfaction

The high-tech automated production technology of TECH-LONG is not only highly recognized by domestic brands, such as Midea and WATSON, but also international ones such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola, both of which are Fortune 500 companies.
TECH-LONG provides vietnam number one hanam with the first 36000BPH warm filling machine for water & carbonated drinks
As one of the renowned beer producers in Vietnam, THP Group provides a wide range of products (including THP and Number One) and it take up over 35% of the local beer market shares.
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Zhejiang Leyuan Biological Engineering Co., LTD., founded in 1998, is a modern independent brand enterprise focusing on beverage development and integrating scientific research, production and sales.
The wet sterilization aseptic line of TECH-LONG helps Leyuan to produce efficiently
Zhejiang Leyuan Biological Engineering Co., LTD., founded in 1998, is a modern independent brand enterprise focusing on beverage development and integrating scientific research, production and sales.
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The Top Liquid Packaging Machine manufacturer

As a packing machine manufacturer with a wealth of domestic and international engineering general contracting management experience, TECH-LONG currently stands as one of the few international suppliers of complete packaging lines automated production turnkey from PET pellets to finished products.
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Follow the latest news

TECH-LONG is committed to keeping you up-to-date with the latest developments in our company, industry, and exhibitions. By reading our packing technology news, we are confident that you will have a deeper understanding of TECH-LONG and be assured of our capabilities.
TECH-LONG | TECH-LONG is going forward with indomitable will in two exhibition relay
With in-depth promotion of the Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality Goals, the pace of green and low-carbon transformation of economic society is accelerating and high technology is constantly being redefined; TECH-LONG unswervingly walks on the road to achieve dual carbon targets, setting the tendency of digitization and grasping the trend of the times.
2024 04 26
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Guangzhou Tech-Long Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. ——Phased Work Summary Conference for Lean Transformation Program
2024 07 01
Recently, TECH-LONG took the lead in launching two self-manufactured 72000BPH high-speed blowing-labeling-filling-capping lines in the Asian market. This move not only successfully broke the capacity bottleneck in the Asian market, but also brought customers unparalleled production efficiency and strong market competitiveness. This milestone breakthrough will undoubtedly lead the liquid industry to a new height of development.
2024 05 31
Four lines of TECH-LONG India market have been put into production at the same time within one week. ─It witnesses extraordinary speed and efficiency leads the future.
2024 05 11
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