Four steps for selecting liquid quantitative filling machine/automatic filling equipment/automatic liquid filling machine

As the name suggests, a liquid quantitative filling machine is a machine that continuously and quantitatively fills liquid into a container through mechanical and program automatic control. In our lives, liquid quantitative filling machines are used in a wide range of applications. For example, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and even pharmaceutical manufacturers are using them for liquid packaging.

However, there is currently a variety of automatic filling equipment on the market, such as plunger filling machines, probe filling machines, weighing filling machines, mechanical valve filling machines, flow meter filling machines, etc. Because of the wide variety, many manufacturers who do not know much about it accidentally choose liquid automatic filling machines that do not meet actual production needs, resulting in insufficient productivity or redundancy, which in turn affects the company's production costs.

How did all this happen? The key point of the problem lies in the methods and steps of purchasing a liquid quantitative filling machine. Just think about it, how do you decide which automatic filling equipment to order? Are you making choices too subjectively because of a sudden surge in orders?

Four steps for selecting liquid quantitative filling machine/automatic filling equipment/automatic liquid filling machine 1

But don’t worry – because this article gives you five tips before buying a liquid dosing filling machine:

1. Before  purchasing, it is essential to evaluate the manufacturer to evaluate the quality of the filling machine they design and manufacture.

2. Compare the price with other dealers to see whether the manufacturer's quotation is reasonable.

3. Make a vertical comparison to see whether the filling machine recommended by the manufacturer can fully meet your production needs.

4. A horizontal comparison is necessary to determine if the manufacturer's equipment is more advanced, functionally comprehensive, and capable of delivering complete line solutions. 

5. Comparing the provider's engineering and after-sales services, accessory services, and equipment maintenance costs can help establish the best option for purchase.

Specifically, you need to determine the answers to these four questions before purchasing automatic filling equipment:

1. What is the nature of the product you need to fill?

Liquid properties have different requirements for filling machines. For filling liquids with relatively high viscosity, such as dish soap, shower gel, cosmetic cream, lotion, etc., you can choose a traditional plunger filling machine or a flow meter filling machine with a high degree of automation. For products with lower viscosity, strong fluidity, and no gas, including drinking water, hot drinks, functional drinks, etc., you can choose a lower-cost mechanical valve filling machine or a highly automated flow meter filling machine. Fruit filling generally adopts plunger filling. Because the plunger valve has a larger diameter, it can accommodate larger fruit and the volume quantification is more accurate. The juice filling after filling the fruit pieces often uses probe filling or weighing filling. Those condiments, such as vinegar, soy sauce, cooking wine, etc., are mostly filled with micro-negative pressure mechanical valves. In recent years, flow meter filling or weighing filling are often used because the latter is more automated and hygienic. For edible oil filling, due to its non-conductive characteristics, weighing filling or mass flow meter filling is required. For carbonated drinks such as Coke and Sprite, mechanical valve gas filling machines or flow meter gas filling machines can be used.

Four steps for selecting liquid quantitative filling machine/automatic filling equipment/automatic liquid filling machine 2

2. What kind of filling container do you need?

This problem can be refined into the size, material, shape, and hardness of the filling container. These factors are closely linked to the configuration of filling equipment and will also directly affect product costs. At present, PET bottles have the lowest weight, flexible appearance, perfect manufacturing process, extremely low container cost, and are the most widely used. Glass bottles are heavy and have high transportation costs. However, due to their stable material performance and long-term resistance to acid, alkali, corrosion, etc., they are mostly used as filling containers for condiments (vinegar, soy sauce, cooking wine, etc.), yogurt, and some high-end bottles. Glass bottle containers are also used for drinking water, beverages, wine, etc. HDPE bottles are relatively traditional filling containers. The weight is usually between PET bottles and glass bottles, but the material cost is usually higher than the first two. However, its chemical properties are stable and transportation is safe. It is still often used as a daily chemical or chemical product. filling containers.

3. What degree of machine automation do you need?

The degree of automation of the filling machine determines the production efficiency to a certain extent. For manufacturers with low demand for products and in the early stages of development, it is also suitable to choose a linear filling machine with a low degree of automation. But for companies that want to improve production efficiency, increase output, and reduce labor costs, it is more sensible to choose a fully automatic filling machine.

4. How much space can be left in your production workshop to place filling equipment?

In case of limited space availability, it is advisable to select a compact liquid packaging all-in-one machine such as a blowing-filling-capping machine or a more advanced one. TECH-LONG, a renowned domestic manufacturer, is the creator of these advanced packaging technologies. With numerous patented innovations, TECH-LONG offers tailored filling solutions to customers based on their local requirements.

Four steps for selecting liquid quantitative filling machine/automatic filling equipment/automatic liquid filling machine 3


As a leading machinery and equipment manufacturer in China's liquid filling industry, TECH-LONG is committed to providing nearly perfect automated packaging solutions for the new generation of smart production workshops and factories. While ensuring extremely high production efficiency, our quantitative filling machines can also ensure hygiene, accuracy, and energy saving throughout the entire process. If you want to know more about our filling machines, please come for a consultation and we will answer your questions as soon as possible!

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