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Kecheng's MOM system
Kecheng's Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) system is a turnkey solution for digital and operations which provides a comprehensive view of your manufacturing processes,  enabling you to steadily improve the performance of your operations. With the evolution of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), the MOM system integrates all production processes to improve quality management, advanced planning and scheduling, manufacturing execution processes, R&D management, equipment management, energy management, performance analysis and so forth.

Kecheng's MOM system drives the digitization of manufacturing operations across the entire enterprise value chain, which further optimizes production performance, thereby improving efficiency and flexibility. With fully digital processes, manufacturers can easily respond to market changes and transformative innovations.
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Kecheng's MOM system drives the digitization of manufacturing operations across the entire enterprise value chain.

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Kecheng remote operation and maintenance and spare parts online shop 

Over the years, TECH-LONG has applied over 100 high-speed liquid packaging lines globally, with production efficiency above 85% and a finished product yield of over 99.5%.

With standardized products, localized services and more than 30 million spare parts, TECH-LONG will provide fast and accurate services according to your specific needs at the first time, no matter when and where you are. At the same time, Kecheng' s equipment operation and maintenance management system will take the requirements of overall equipment management into account, focusing on preventive maintenance and providing full life cycle management of equipment.

This also means that the interaction between Tech-Long's equipment and original spare parts is the optimal combination to achieve the highest performance of your production line. By using original spare parts, you can increase the service life and operational performance of your machines as well as avoid corresponding damages. Original spare parts and accessories are available from our online shop, and we will accompany you throughout the entire life cycle of your machine and take care of it.

MES system
Line-level MES is information-based software integrating filling packaging equipment and control systems; it is mainly used for collecting/presenting data from production lines and analyzing statements as a basic platform for factory-level MES. With B/S architecture, it makes real-time data available to workshop managers on diverse graphic interfaces.
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Value of MES

Food, beverage, daily chemicals like detergents, me dicines and packages, etc.

Transparency in production can be achieved by integrating information systems with production automation, providing managers with a clear understanding of the production process and ultimately improving management.
Based on standardized MES architecture, the system acquires data via standard data interfaces to facilitates system expansion and integration, so as to reduce implementation costs.
The system acquires data from equipment and control systems on a real-time basis, measures the operation state of OEE and equipment and offers real-time feedback, which help to shorten failure duration and increase utilization of production lines.
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