Global Service Network

Global service network

TECH-LONG adheres to the principle of taking customers' interests as its purpose, and provides star-rated services that "exceed customers' expectations" with first-class speed and high-quality service. The After-Sales Service Center is fully responsible for our after-sales service.

TECH-LONG's global after-sales service center has an excellent and professional technical team: senior senior engineers and high-quality after-sales service personnel, with deep professional knowledge and resources, rich experience in equipment installation and maintenance services and after-sales service capabilities, to provide excellent services to global customers, including parts sales, technical support, overhaul, transformation, technical upgrade services and pre-treatment water treatment solutions, as well as turnkey projects such as relocation of the entire plant and equipment.

Provide professional services

Responsible for the sales and supply services of accessories, standard parts and customized parts of our equipment, ensuring the timely and accurate delivery of accessories to customer factories.
Make a professional overhaul plan according to the equipment operation, provide equipment overhaul services to ensure stable operation of the equipment in the coming year.
Provide support for various technical problems of customers, send engineers to provide on-site or remote technical services, and provide training for customers.
Provide customers with professional modification and upgrading services based on the latest technology; or provide modification and upgrading plans and implement modification according to customer's needs.
Based onour rich turnkey project experience, we provide professional equipment relocation and installation services.
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Service network spreads all over the world

●Domestic after-sales service points: Guangzhou headquarters, Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu service outlets.

● Foreign after-sales service points: the United States, the Middle East, India, Japan, Africa, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and other service outlets.

Our company has established a complete service system

● Service specifications: A complete after-sales service system has been established to serve customers comprehensively and efficiently.

● Special person to follow up: Arrange spare parts sales staff and technical engineers to follow up after-sales work for each customer.

● Professional process:  Establish a complete process from inquiry to delivery with the help of SAP system to ensure accuracy and speed.

● After-sales files: Establish after-sales files for each customer, and comprehensively record the after-sales situation of customers.

SAP system
Inquiry ➤ Quotation ➤ Order placing➤ Inspection➤ Delivery

 Spare parts supply

Our company has built a parts warehouse specifically for after-sales service. The parts inventory amounts to 50 million yuan, and it is increasing year by year with the growth of customers. At present the spot rate of commonly used parts is more than 95%.

Our company prides itself on our ability to promptly fulfill orders and provide same-day delivery for our valued customers. Should urgent orders arise, we can even facilitate air shipments that will arrive at the customer's factory in a swift manner. Relying on our sufficient parts inventory, our customers can minimize spare parts inventory and reduce funds.

Advantages of accessories

● Long-term and in-depth cooperation with internationally renowned brand component suppliers: Maintain long-term cooperation with internationally renowned component brands ABB, KUKA, SEW, SMC, Airtac, Siemens, etc.

● Perfect quality control and testing system: Have passed European CE certification; US UL certification; IOS9001 certified enterprise.

Excellent manufacturing and processing equipment: We have more than 260 pieces of processing equipment and 40+ high-precision CNC machine tools; Our team consists of over 170 professional operators and 30 highly skilled process technicians. Furthermore, we equip with the processing capabilities that meet both military and shipbuilding standards.

● Branded advantages: Have established strategic partnerships with well-known international brand customers such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Danone, Heinz, InBev, etc., and comprehensively deepen cooperation with well-known domestic brands such as China Resources C' estbon, Wahaha, and Blue Moon.

● Proven after-sales service experience: With rich domestic and international after-sales service experience.

Focus on customer service

A special parts warehouse is set up for the customer in our company or the customer's factory, in line with the principle of using it first and then settling the bill.
TECH-LONG will sign an annual service contract with customers, and our company will take the lead in equipment maintenance.
Senior engineers will be arranged to regularly visit the customer's factory regularly to diagnose and maintain the equipment.
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Professional service team

TECH-LONG's global after-sales service center boasts a team of highly-skilled senior engineers who have undergone rigorous professional training, possess a wealth of on-site experience, and offer timely remote guidance. These seasoned professionals can deliver professional and effective services and guidance to customers at any time. At the same time, the well-trained after-sales service personnel at our center adhere to the purpose of "run for you" to provide customers with professional, economical and personalized quotation plans to ensure the efficient and smooth operation of customers' equipment.
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Customer training

Our company has a special training school that can provide all-round training for customers' equipment operators, maintenance personnel and managers. We can also arrange training on the factory production line to ensure the technical level of customer personnel and the good operation of equipment, further to improve customers' production efficiency.

● Cultivate talents in all aspects for customers and conduct internships on-site in production plants.
● Equipment management, preventive maintenance training for technical personnel of the company.
● Factory management and production line efficiency improvement training.

Technical support

Our company has nearly 200 experienced senior service engineers who are ready to provide technical support to our valued customers round the clock. Customers  are welcome to contact our service engineers 24 hours a day throughout the year and will respond to customer inquiries within 2 hours.

● If the customer requires on-site support from engineer, he/she will arrive at the customer's site within 24 hours (12 hours within the province) after receiving the notice and remove the fault within 24 hours.

● We also provide remote technical support to customers through telephone, Internet and MES systems to help solve problems.

● After on-site service, engineers will give customers professional advice and sign a service report.

Comprehensive technical support service, telephone consultation service, remote assistance on-site technical support, technical advice, senior engineer are all available.

MES system

TECH-LONG keeps pace with the times. With years of experience in automation control, it innovatively combines the new generation of information technology to develop MES systems suitable for intelligent manufacturing for manufacturing enterprises.

● Through the MES system, our engineers can carry out remote diagnosis of equipment, quickly determine equipment fault problems, remotely complete troubleshooting, and resume production as soon as possible. 

● The MIS system provides customers with statistics of various production data and fault statistics in production line, and generates reports to provide basis for factory management. 

●The system collects, tracks and analyzes the production data, so as to know the equipment status in time and take precautions in advance.

Customer praise letters

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Contact our experts

● Liu Shuihua
Deputy Director 
Mobile: 13822112918 / Email: liushuihua@tech-long.com

● Li Man
Accessories Business Manager
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Pre-Treatment/Water Treatment Business Manager
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Deputy Director 
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Accessories Business Manager
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● Wu Pei
Technical Services Manager
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