Aseptic BFC Monoblock Machine

Aseptic filling lines

Based on its mature BFC integration technology in which TECH-LONG has led the domestic counterparts, TECH-LONG has developed aseptic filling production line, which has unparalleled advantages compared with domestic counterparts. Through years of technological accumulation and experience, TECH-LONG has introduced a new generation of aseptic BFC combi-block for PET bottles at ambient temperature.

TECH-LONG aseptic filling includes three interconnected steps: bottle sterilization, filling and capping, all of which are arranged in the aseptic isolation bin to realize complete isolation from the external environment and ensure the effect of aseptic filling. 

TECH-LONG's various container sterilization technology meets the different needs of customers

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Aseptic filling line for chemical wet sterilization of bottles

● Peracetic acid is used as a disinfectant and the disinfectant strength in terms of inner wall of empty bottle is more than 6log.

● Sterile water is used for removing disinfectant from empty bottle, with residual peroxide content is less than 0.5ppm.

● Empty bottle sterilization technology is used to meet the needs of customers to diversify the ways of bottle supply.

Aseptic filling line for chemical dry sterilization of preforms

● Energetic electrons are used to sterilize the bottles to ensure the reliability of the aseptic packaging materials.

● Preform sterilization does not require the use of sterile water, saving water resources and reducing sewage discharge.

● Using rotary irradiation technology, it can be applied to a wider range of bottle types.

Aseptic filling line for physical dry sterilization of bottles

●  Energetic electrons are used to sterilize the empty bottles to ensure the reliability of the aseptic packaging materials.

There is no need to use chemicals for bottle sterilization, therefore there is no worry about disinfectant residue in the product.

The shielding of equipment is reliable, and the safety of personnel operation is higher than the national standard.

Combi aseptic filling line of dry sterilization and wet sterilization flexible sterilization

● Sterilization of preforms with hydrogen peroxide.

● Sterilization of bottles with peroxyacetic acid.

● Washing of empty bottles with sterile water.

● Aseptic filling of materials with different physical properties.

●Aseptic capping machine for screwing of aseptic bottle caps.

Advantage of aseptic filling lines

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Stable blow molding equipment ensures aseptic production

● High capacity, low energy consumption, low operating noise, low maintenance cost.

● The first in China since 2002.

● Fill the domestic manufacturing gap of high-speed automatic rotary bottle blowing machine.

● The bottle blowing equipment technology has reached the advanced level of the industry. 

High-precision aseptic filling valve suitable for different material properties 

● Non-contact filling to prevent cross contamination.

● Adjustable filling speed to reduce foam generation.

● Use of electromagnetic flowmeters to ensure filling accuracy.

● Load cells optional for high-priced products.

● Filling valves with different structures to suit different products.

● Use of efficient, safe and reliable pure steam sterilization.

Equipped with an efficient and stable aseptic capping machine to ensure product quality

● A complete and thorough COP/SOP of capper inside the aseptic isolation bin withno area untouched is possible.

● Complete with imported screw capping heads (or capping machine) to ensure application reliability and acceptability.

The central control system forms the central nerve of the filling production line

● Individual equipment working condition display.

● Coordinated work of each equipment.

● Parametric safety management.

● Real-time record of production conditions.

● Fault diagnosis of remote networked equipment.

● Vulnerable parts replacement management.

The aseptic isolator can meet the continuous production of low-acid products for more than 96 hours

● The aseptic area is isolated from the non-aseptic area.

● The isolator table is in a self-flowing design.

● The positive pressure of the isolator is maintained through Class A clean air.

● COP foam is replaced by CIP liquid.

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cRABS pharmaceutical industry
A-level GMP2010 sterile medicine
HEPA (U16 two stage HEPA)
COP&SOP pharmaceutical industry
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Our aseptic validation work is implemented in accordance with the relevant requirements of sterile pharmaceuticals

Aseptic pharmaceutical validation standards and procedures

Design qualification
Installation qualification
Operation qualification
Performance qualification
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Our aseptic invalidation work brings you value-added services
Experienced aseptic validation team
●Our processing experts boasts experience in designing hundreds of aseptic filling lines.
● Microbiologist with experience in validating dozens of aseptic filling lines.
● PLC Engineer with years of experience in field commissioning.
Aseptic invalidation theory training
● Detailed aseptic validation SOP manual. ● Vivid training PPT materials.
●Real-time shared online training courses.
Microbiological testing practical training
● We have a complete microbiology laboratory.
● Step-by-Step instruction on microbial testing techniques.
Practical training on aseptic invalidation
● Responsible for the field operation of aseptic validation.
● Step-by-Step instruction on the key points of aseptic validation.
●Teaching the method of analyzing the reasons for bacterial infection in sterility test.
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Comprehensive and continuous training svstem to help you train scarce staff in product lines

Online training: Helping you stay on top of theoretical knowledge.

Practical training: Helping you to master practical skills.

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Our aseptic lines are recognized by our customers

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To the field project team of TECH-LONG:

Throughout the collaboration process for the Danone Zhongshan Ling Qi Line project, you have worked tirelessly and executed with exceptional standards. The equipment installation was accomplished in a single operation and the pipeline welding was in compliance with Danone's quality standards. In response to the issues identified on-site, you responded positively and address them efficiently to ensure that the project is delivered on schedule and the production line is put into production smoothly, therefore our cooperation has been fruitful and successful. Here, Danone (China) Food & Beverage Co., Ltd. would like to express our heartfelt thanks for your hard work!

Vice president of industry:   
Purchasing director: 

The Qingpeng CD production line provided by your company has successfully been put into operation and has quickly and satisfactorily achieved the expected results of the project. On behalf of Chongqing Eastroc Vitamin Beverage Company, I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to your company. Thank you to the leaders, onsite project managers, and engineers for their strong support of our project.

During the installation and commissioning of the project, which occurred amidst the outbreak of a pandemic. Zhou Wei, the project manager of your company's engineering department, and Chen Yao, the aseptic engineering department, led a formidable team of engineering services, consisting of equally dedicated individuals such as Lin Zhijun. Together with our company's staff, they tirelessly worked day and night, overcoming various difficult challenges encountered during the construction. Through meticulous organization of the on-site construction, establishment of reasonable schedules, and a united effort along with heartfelt solidarity, the whole line was advanced as scheduled in commissioning progress and finally put into production smoothly!

Especially in the process of installation and commissioning, the management level of your company and the professionalism of employees are worthy of praise. At the same time, during the installation and commissioning of this project, we also received strong support from your headquarters. General Manager Cheng and other company leaders visited the site to guide the installation work, which fully reflected your attention to our company. Here, We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for this!

Chongqing Dongpeng Vitamin Beverage Co., Ltd.
January 9, 2023
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