Hot Filling Lines

Hot filling lines Introduction
Juice, tea drinks, mixed milk drinks, liquid foods, drinks containing particles, functional drinks, milk tea, coffee... Nowadays, new beverages emerge one after another with rich taste and various types, which are very popular in the market. The richness of beverages places extremely high demands on production equipment. How to ensure the taste? How to deal with the diced fruit of the beverage containing fruit particles? How can the hygiene level, filling accuracy and temperature be guaranteed? With the help of microbial safety design and flexible filling technology, TECH-LONG meets the needs of the whole product range with different filling processes. You can get the best processing technology for each product.
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Equipment advantages and features

Tech-Long prioritizes microbial safety design and gentle filling technology to cater to the diverse filling needs of our entire product range. We also strive to provide the best possible treatment for each of your products.

● The filling temperature can reach 92 degrees.
Handle 10*10*10 products with fruit pieces.
The filling valve has a heat reflux function to ensure stable temperature inside.
Equipped with a CIP dummy cup for rapid and fully automated cleaning of pipelines.
High speed, up to 60000BPH (500ml).
Whole line 3D diagram
At TECH-LONG, we supply individual equipment or a combination of different equipment as a solution for your industrial needs. And we also offer customized solutions tailored to your specific technical and operational requirements.
Our projects
TECH-LONG's high-tech automated production technology is highly recognized not only by domestic brands such as Midea and WATSON, but also by the world's top 500 companies such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola.
Shanghai Tenwow Foods Co., Ltd. applies Tech-Long filling production entire line
Shanghai Tenwow Foods Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 located in Sijing Development Zone, Songjiang District of Shanghai with a total investment reaching 35 million and a registered capital of RMB20 million.
2023 11 23
Tech-Long and Dali Group Comes to anothe Peak of Cooperation
Tech-Long and Dali signed a contract of ten 24000 BPH hot filling production lines, 24 fully automatic bottle blow moulding machines
2023 11 23
Real Nutriceutical Works With Tech-Long to Smooth Everything
Founded in 1997, Real Nutriceutical is now the largest manufacturer of amino acid-based nutritional supplements in China with a 32.9% market share.
2023 11 23
Tech-Long and Uni-president Start New Cooperation
Five years ago, Tech-Long’s first DRS30000 conveying system for secondary packing machines entered into the production line of Uni-president Group for the first time. During the 5 years, the cooperation between Tech-Long and Uni-president Group has developed rapidly from 1 project in the first year to 10 projects in the fifth year.
2023 11 22
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