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According to customers' product categories, market orientation, and changing consumer needs, TECH-LONG customizes innovative bottle 3D models to help customers create unique brand images and improve market share.

After the bottle type is determined, we will make a test mold in the shortest time, blow the bottle sample to give customers a personal feeling of the appearance and grip of the product, and then optimize the existing bottle type structure to ensure seamless mass production.

What we service?

Each year, TECH-LONG will produce about 6000 blowing molds for stretch blow molding machines, including water bottles, CSD bottles, hot filling bottles, condiment bottles, home care and personal care product bottles, etc. These valuable knowledge and experience are reflected in the 3D process of each bottle shape we customize for customers.

During the customization process, our product engineers with more than 20 years of design experience analyze the structure of the customer's bottle type, from the bottle blowing production conditions, filling environment, conveyor chain operation conditions to after stacking and transporting conditions, we provide customers with matching preform weight and preform structure suggestions to reduce production costs, improve production efficiency and optimize the structure of the shape, especially the bottle bottom design, to improve the overall product quality, while the physical and mechanical properties help to improve product qualification rate.

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Introduction to mold product specifications
After a long period of technical research and development, Tech-long has developed a wide range of blow molds products such as PET Bottle Cold Filling Mold, PET Bottle Cold Filling Mold, PET Bottle Hot Filling Mold, and PET Bottle Cold Filling Mold.
DescriptionPet bottle cold filling moldPET bottle cold filling moldPET bottle hot filling moldPET bottle cold filling mold
TypeCPXX aluminum mouldCPX aluminum mouldCPX stainless steel mouldCPXD aluminum mould
MaterialAluminum / stainless steelAluminum / stainless steelAluminum / stainless steelAluminum / stainless steel
Applicable machine typeTL: CPXX ColdTL: CPX ColdTL: CPX HotTL: CPXD
Mainly applicable bottle typeAseptic or cold filling container of water, carbonated beverage, oil and so on. Bottle size is less than 0.75LTaseptic or cold filling container of water, carbonated beverage, oil and so on. Bottle size is less than 2.5LHot filling container of juice, tea drinks and so on. Bottle size is less than 2L.Cold filling container of water, edible oil and so on. Bottle size is around 4L-10L.
Customization process of bottle mold
Design the finished mold drawing according to the confirmed bottle sample data.
Engineer a PET/3D model that aligns with industrial production by combining the concept map with the industrial production conditions.
3D printed bottle model provides customers the actual feeling of the overall appearance.
According to the confirmed 3D model, provide a PDF bottle diagram for the customer for confirmation.
a. Create 3D mold based on bottle drawing and send the drawings to mold workshop for production. b. The mold workshop shall complete the mold production with quality and quantity on time according to the drawing and hand it over to the bottle blowing team.
According to the bottle type confirmed by customers, recommend the matched preform type and gram weight.
Through finite element computer simulation of the bottle blowing process, various mechanical properties after molding are analyzed, design blind spots are corrected, thereby improving the industrialization success rate of the products.
The bottle blowing workshop adjusts the process parameters according to each bottle type to blow required bottle samples and sends them for inspection.
The PET testing center receives bottle samples and completes various data tests according to standards.
The quality inspector issues a test report on the bottle type.
Customer confirms the physical object.
Designer and process personnel evaluate products according to reports.
Design finished mold drawings based on confirmed bottle sample data.
The workshop is responsible for making molds, packaging and delivering them to customers.
Attached here are some photos of installation and debugging by after-sales engineers.
a. Answer customers' questions in production in time. b. Provide solutions to problems, conduct efficient after-sales support, and ensure proper maintenance throughout the mold's lifecycle.
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Advantages and experience

Thanks to our overall advice and solid production line expertise, you have enjoyed excellent process reliability from the beginning. Contact us immediately to customize the bottle mold!

TECH-LONG has been deeply engaged in the PET bottle mold industry for more than 20 years, and has accumulated considerable industry experience, especially in the fields of lightweight water bottles, low-pressure blown bottles, CSD bottles, lightweight hot filling bottles, high-speed rotary machine molds for bottles with handle applied after blowing, etc.
A new generation of pneumatic quick-change molds can shorten the time for customers to change different types of molds by 70% by upgrading the mold structure, which greatly improves the production efficiency, and enables customers to quickly switch different products according to the market demands.
After three years of continuous optimization and technical iteration, the company has successfully developed a new structure with stable operation and high acceptability rate of single mold speed up to 1200BPH, which is in the leading position in the industry.
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