Bottle Chemical Wet Sterilization

SINCE 2013

Aseptic Filling Line for Chemical Wet Sterilization of Bottles

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Aseptic filling line information

● Peracetic acid is used as a disinfectant and the disinfectant strength in terms of inner wall of empty bottle is more than 6log.

● Sterile water is used for removing disinfectant from empty bottle, with residual peroxide content is less than 0.5ppm.

● Empty bottle sterilization technology can meet the needs of customers to diversify the ways of bottle supply.

● The equipment offers the option of sterilization methods such as soaking or spraying, with a simple and user-friendly structure for convenient operation and control.

● Optional dual disinfectant sterilization process provides a wider spectrum of sterilization and low TCO value of the equipment.

● The temperature of the sterilization process is low, therefore the bottle is not easily deformed by heat, and the container is easy to lighten.

Features ofTECH-LONG wet sterilization process

● Mature and reliable.

● Additional cleaning effects: sterilization with liquid disinfectants brings additional mechanical cleaning effect.

● Recyclable peracetic acid (PAA) used for sterilization on containers and caps for resource conservation.

● Compact equipment works to maximize the utilization of the available space; Furthermore, it helps to prevent re-contamination of the air duct and enhances bottle cleanliness from the inception of the aseptic process with block arrangement of blower,  filler with capper.

● Electrical control system: with the capability of storing all process steps and recording production data, and with a connection for MES production management system.

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