The road to good love
Corporations carry a heavy burden of social responsibility. It is a strategic and value-driven decision of TECH-LONG to be a responsible corporate citizen. Through sound management, harmonious coexistence with the environment and win-win with society, TECH-LONG silently interprets the connotation of corporate citizenship with practical actions. Unwaveringly committed to the advancement of social welfare initiatives, TECH-LONG actively participates in various corporate citizenship endeavors that primarily encompass three major domains: educational support, efforts to maintain environmental sustainable development, and humanitarian and social donations. 
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Commitment to educational support
A caring journey without an end
Action begins with love, and responsibility breeds hope. TECH-LONG's road to charity education will not stop since it started. Since 2012, under the  guidance and leadership of Mr. Zhang Chongming, the executive deputy general manager of the company, TECH-LONG has joined hands with caring people from all walks of life to launch a series of caring education activities.

In the past ten years, this team has traveled all over Guangdong, Guangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Guizhou, Yunnan and other regions, and donated dozens of poor schools, illuminating the future of many children. Through our dedicated efforts, we have not only provided tangible support but have also made significant contributions to the advancement of society.
Sustainable green development
Full integration of responsibility and mission 
The company's unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility has been a critical element of its corporate development strategy for many years.

Over the years, while expanding its business, TECH-LONG has implemented a series of environmental protection activities, integrated green concepts into product design and production processes, provided innovative environmental protection products for customers, and contributed to a green future. One notable example is the BFC Combi-Block, a low-carbon, environmentally friendly product that was launched in April 2010. The ice dew lightweight bottle produced by this technology weighs just 9.8 grams, showcasing TECH-LONG's dedication to creating a greener future.

The introduction of TECH-LONG's environmentally friendly BFC Combi-Block has had significant benefits for the beverage industry. By reducing the weight of the bottle by over 35%, the consumption of plastic has been greatly reduced, resulting in a substantial decrease in plastic waste and environmental pollution. Based on the basic sales volume of 1 billion bottles of "ice dew" every year, the introduction of Coca-Cola "ice dew" environmentally friendly lightweight bottles will reduce 6,200 tons of PET plastic, which is equivalent to reducing 16,400 tons of carbon emissions and adding 262 square kilometers of forests.

Practicing environmental protection means not only being responsible for the shareholders and employees of the company, but also shouldering the heavy burden of responsibility for the whole social environment. In the future, TECH-LONG will continue to lead the sustainable green development, persist in building a green and efficient modern enterprise, and pursue harmonious symbiosis with society and environment.
Humanitarian and assistance
Perseverance in public welfare
Only where people can share the success brought by social progress and prosperity can enterprises succeed. The development of enterprises cannot be separated from the support of society. Only by sharing weal and woe can we truly achieve win-win symbiosis.

In terms of disaster relief, TECH-LONG has provided quick and effective help for social emergencies many times. In the disaster relief work of Indonesian tsunami, Wenchuan earthquake, snowstorm in southern China in 2008, drought in Guizhou, Ya 'an earthquake and other disaster areas, TECH-LONG quickly rallied the strength of the company and all employees to jointly provide disaster relief, donate money and materials, and join hands with the people in the disaster areas to tide over the difficulties.
At the same time, TECH-LONG is well aware of the importance of community service, and has participated in community service for many times, bringing warmth and care to the community residents and conveying their feelings.

Actively participate in new rural construction, highway construction, medical health station construction, forestry maintenance and other donation work, and strive to send warmth to places that really need care.

As the old saying goes "High mountain will certainly be beheld with awe, and running water competes not for the first place, but for the endless flow ". Undertaking social responsibility is not about seeking recognition or attention, but about being sincere and practical. It requires staying true to our original intention and diligently putting it into practice. TECH-LONG firmly believes in the concept of corporate citizenship and will always remain committed to its mission and responsibility, with the goal to spread love and care, touching the hearts of more individuals.
Care of employees
Creating a healthy and positive corporate culture
Every year, the company holds various activities to enrich employees' lives, including: learning and training activities to improve employees' comprehensive quality and labor skills; In order to develop employees' intelligence and cultivate their creativity and sense of accomplishment, technological innovation activities are carried out: entertainment activities to enrich employees' spiritual life and cultivate employees' sentiment, sports technical activities to cultivate employees' fighting spirit and enhance their physique;

In order to enhance employees' feelings for the enterprise, welfare activities are carried out, etc., through participation in activities, employees' life and production and operation are integrated, employees feel the warmth of family, and at the same time, employees' sense of ownership of taking the factory as their home is enhanced, thus promoting the rapid, good and steady development of the enterprise.
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