Integrated Filling Lines

Integrated filling lines

TECH-LONG is one of the few Integrated filling lines suppliers in the world that masters the two key technologies of PET blow molding machine and filling machine, and is a pioneer in the all-in-one machine concept. Since TECH-LONG successfully launched china's first blow-fill-cap machine in 2009, it has continuously strengthened technology research and development, and gradually enriched its applicable product range. With the strengthen of TECH-LONG equipment technology, in 2013, TECH-LONG made every effort to introduce the ultra hygienic volumetric blower-filler-capper monobloc, which is the leading position in the world.
BFC monoblock machine

BFC monoblock machine

Blower-filler-capper monobloc (BFC Monoblock Machine) is a powerful combination that effectively integrates blower, filler, capper in one block. As an ideal alternative to the traditional production line, it is highly competitive and can improve the value of the entire packaging production line.

Efficient, environmentally friendly, hygienic, economic, flexible ..... It has the features whatever you want. 

A new generation of water filling machine 

Ultraclean BFC (Blow-Fill-Cap) monobloc

Although the water filling machine technology has reached a mature state in the beverage industry, TECH-LONG's innovative water filling machine can save 20% – 30% of the building area and packaging energy.

Automatic and intelligent water bottling solutions enable TECH-LONG to help customers achieve up to 90% production efficiency and yield rate of finished products no less than 99.5%.

A New Generation of Water Filling Machine
BLFC monoblock machine

Blower-Labeler-Filler-Capper Monobloc (BLFC Monoblock Machine) efficiently integrates blow molding, labeling, filling and capping machines in one block. lt is the most advanced technology in Asia.

It enabled the blowing, labeling, filling and capping working in the same block, which reduces the conveyors between these machines, thereby increasing the space utilization and machine efficiency. With its exceptional performance, the Blower-Labeler-Filler-Capper Monobloc offers the best solution for your needs.

Based on its mature BFC integration technology in which TECH-LONG has led the domestic counterparts, TECH-LONG has developed aseptic filling production line, which has unparalleled advantages compared with domestic counterparts. And after years of technology and experience accumulation, TECH-LONG has introduced a new generation of aseptic BFC combi-block for PET bottles at ambient temperature. 

TECH-LONG Aseptic Filling Lines includes three interconnected steps: bottle sterilization, filling and capping. All three process steps are arranged in the aseptic isolation bin, which realizes complete isolation from the external environment and ensures the effect of aseptic filling.

Aseptic BFC monoblock machine
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