Preform Chemical Dry Sterilization

SINCE 2020

Aseptic Filling Line for Chemical Dry Sterilization of Preforms

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Aseptic filling line information

● Hydrogen peroxide is used as the sterilization medium and the disinfectant strength in terms of inner preform wall is more than 6log.

● The hydrogen peroxide is decomposed into hydrogen and water, with peroxide residue is less than 0.5ppm.

● Blow molding unit in aseptic design can ensure that containers are free from contamination during the blowing cycle.

● Preform sterilization does not require the use of sterile water, saving water resources and reducing sewage discharge.

● Compared with the dry sterilization of bottles, it features lower disinfectant consumption and no worry about packaging deformation when being heated.

● Compact design minimizes the footprint and ensures high operating efficiency.

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