Bottle Physical Dry Sterilization

SINCE 2022

Aseptic Filling Line for Physical Dry Sterilization of Bottles

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Aseptic filling line information

● Energetic electrons are used to sterilize the empty bottles to ensure the reliability of the aseptic packaging materials.

● There is no need to use chemicals for bottle sterilization, therefore there is no worry about disinfectant residue in the product.

● The shielding of equipment is reliable, and the safety of personnel operation is higher than the national standard.

● Preform sterilization does not require the use of sterile water, saving water resources and reducing sewage discharge.

● Using rotary irradiation technology, which can be applied to a wider range of bottle types.

● The sterilization effect only depends on the voltage or current, which is convenient for production management and quality control.

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