Enterprise Honors

TECH-LONG is the first listed company with a national R&D center in the packaging machinery industry.
As a national high-tech enterprise, a leading packaging enterprise in China, and an equipment manufacturing enterprise with independent processing capacity reaching the standards of military industry and shipbuilding, TECH-LONG has achieved impressive results and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in its field  on the road of R&D and innovation.
● The industry's first national enterprise technology center, national local joint engineering center, post-doctoral research center.

● In 2012, TECH-LONG established complete sets of beverage packaging equipment for national and local industry engineering research centers and post-doctoral research center.

● 1,350 patents were applied, 49 software copyrights were registered, and 715 patents were effectively authorized, including 245 invention patents; It has 404 registered copyrights and won 10 China Patent Excellence Awards, 1 Guangdong Patent Gold Award and 1 Guangdong Patent Excellence Award.

● Won the only national enterprise technology center in the packaging industry.

● Initiator and drafter of national and industry standards. Take the lead in drafting and participating in the formulation of 21 national standards and 25 industry standards.
● National green factories, green supply chain demonstration enterprises, national service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises, national manufacturing individual champion enterprises and national intellectual property demonstration enterprises.

● We have forged successful partnerships with renowned beverage, household, and personal care manufacturers globally, with TECH-LONG equipment being utilized by over 80 countries and territories. As a result, TECH-LONG has been bestowed the esteemed honor of being a preferred supplier to top-tier corporations like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestle, InBev Beer, Danone, Procter & Gamble, and San Miguel.

● Since 2000, we have achieved the first place in the domestic peer market share for many years, with the export ratio reaching 50%.

● Rotary blow molding machine is one of the national torch plan projects.

● Filling machine is one of the national torch plan projects.
TECH-LONG has undertaken a number of national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects, successfully filling the gaps in the domestic market with innovative products such as bottle blowing machines, BFC combined-blocks and Blowing-Labeling-Filling-Capping combined-blocks. Additionally, seven of our products, including the high-speed aseptic production line, high-speed edible oil production line, and 10-20 liter capacity BFC combined-block, have been included in the first set of product catalog of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, reflecting our commitment to technological advancement and industry recognition.

Enterprise honors

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