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Long-tested turnkey solutions

TECH-LONG boasts a large number of turnkey projects at home and abroad, and has completed more than 500 large turnkey projects for more than 80 countries around the world. At present, it is one of the few suppliers in the world who can complete the packaging line from PET granules to finished products.With years of unparalleled engineering experience, TECH-LONG has rich experience in serving end users and integrators. And with our powerful service system, we stand poised to unlock exceptional levels of efficiency and adaptability for our valued customers.

TECH-LONG high-speed liquid packaging production line 

TECH-LONG high-speed liquid packaging production line products cover water treatment, beverage processing, BFC combi-block, injection molding, blow molding, filling, conveying, labeling, packaging and other series. Over the years, hundreds of production lines have been successfully applied all over the world, with the production efficiency of the whole line higher than 85% and the yield  higher than 99.5%.

TECH-LONG is well-versed in every aspect of the liquid product packaging system and has harnessed this expertise to develop an automation solution based on the signature technology. As we enter the era of new industrial revolution, TECH-LONG is committed to transforming its production mode by implementing an advanced automation system that enables us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that are catered towards the future.

The production efficiency of the whole line is higher than 85%
The yield is higher than 99.5%.
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Excellent research and development ability
TECH-LONG is one of the 1,100 national R&D centers in China and the first listed company in the packaging machinery industry with a national standard R&D center. Additionally, TECH-LONG is considered a cutting-edge high-tech enterprise under the esteemed National Torch Plan, a leading enterprise in the packaging industry and an enterprise with military shipbuilding ability.
340+ R&D technicians
National R&D center(㎡)
Patent certificates
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 R&D of 3-5 new products every year.
● Up to now, 1,350 patents have been applied, 49 software copyrights have been registered, and 715 patents have been effectively authorized, including 245 invention patents;The company has also registered  404 copyrights and won 10 China Patent Excellence Awards, 1 Guangdong Patent Gold Award and 1 Guangdong Patent Excellence Award.
● Initiator and drafter of national and industry standards. Take the lead in drafting and participating in the formulation of 21 national standards and 25 industry standards.
 TECH-LONG has undertaken a number of national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects, showcasing our dedication to innovation and progress. And many products, such as bottle blowing machine, BFC combi-block, Blowing-Labeling-Filling-Capping combi-block, have filled critical gaps in China.  The above products and seven products, including high-speed aseptic production line, high-speed edible oil production line and BFC combi-block for containers of 10-20 liters, have entered the first product catalogue of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. So TECH-LONG has completely broken the monopoly of foreign equipment, and fully realized the substitution of imports.
Strong R&D strength of aseptic filling production line
TECH-LONG, with its advanced BFC combi-block technology that surpasses domestic counterparts, has developed an aseptic filling production line with unparalleled advantages.

After years of technical precipitation and experience accumulation, TECH-LONG has successfully introduced the latest generation of aseptic BFC combi-block for PET bottles at ambient temperature, which has passed the one-time acceptance.
During the installation of aseptic equipment, a large number of tests must be carried out on all sanitary components, and the test results should be recorded in the certification report in detail. Only by passing the test under strict operating conditions can the sterility and the running ability of the equipment be proved. At present, the aseptic team in TECH-LONG has more than 30 professional technical developers, and the abundant R&D technology and excellent professionals serve as the driving force behind our continuous innovation.

In addition, TECH-LONG has established long-term cooperation with professional colleges, authoritative microorganism research institutions and top international disinfection suppliers in various fields, enabling us to provide complete technical support such as process certification and microorganism research for our aseptic products, and offer a series of training and technical support to customers' operators, equipment maintenance personnel, verification personnel, quality control personnel, microorganism laboratory personnel and production line management personnel, as well as provide the desired sterile drinks.

Excellent quality control and inspection system

In order to continuously improve product quality and manufacturing efficiency, TECH-LONG has made significant investments in cutting-edge research and development, advanced machining and testing equipment, as well as the establishment of both the Machine Processing Department in 2006 and the Quality Inspection Center in 2008, so as to build a strong backing for product quality. At the same time, TECH-LONG has attached great importance to equipment and food safety, having obtained the European CE and American UL certifications, as well as being an ISO9001 certified enterprise.

TECH-LONG always insists on the principle of prioritizing quality and creating perfect products. And mechanical processing and quality control have emerged as fundamental pillars of the company's competitive edge, setting the pace for the progress of the industry.  

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Machining and assembly

In order to improve the processing capacity, TECH-LONG has made substantial investments in digital and automatic processing equipment, expanded the machining center and purchased multifunctional CNC machine tools. TECH-LONG's unwavering investment in resources is propelling the company towards a genuinely international management approach.

SSince 2005, TECH-LONG has consistently purchased dozens of cutting-edge machining equipment annually, and now we have more than 260 machining equipment and more than 40 high-precision CNC machine tools. Our workforce comprises over 170 skilled operators and 340 proficient technical engineers.

● Large CNC boring and milling equipment
(Mitsubishi gantry five-sided machining center, QIQIHAR NO.2 MACHINE TOOL CNC floor-mounted boring and milling machine, WIA CNC horizontal boring and milling machine center, gantry machining center)
Mazak gantry, WIA Horizontal Boring and Milling, Mazak Horizontal, Jingsen high-speed, YCM Vertical, HURCO Vertical, Neway CNC and other machining centers.
5M, 3.5M, 2.5M, 1.6M vertical lathe
Mazak Turning Center, Jianrong Horizontal CNC Lathe, WIA CNC Lathe.
Mazak laser cutting machine, Mitsubishi 2D laser cutting machine, Flow water cutting machine, etc.
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After-sales service system

Throughout the product life cycle, TECH-LONG will stand by your side. You're not just buying our products – you're getting our services, too.

Our standardized products are complemented by localized services and 30 million spare parts on-hand, which means that you can count on us for fast and accurate support no matter where you are. TECH-LONG is committed to providing you with convenient, professional, and efficient after-sales service that caters to your unique needs. 

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