Why choose a fully automatic liquid packaging machine instead of a semi-automatic or manual filling machine?

Why choose a fully automatic liquid packaging machine instead of a semi-automatic or manual filling machine?

Various industries in China are still affected by the raging epidemic in 2021, and all industries have shown a certain degree of decline. However, the beverage manufacturing industry has submitted a unique report: In the first quarter of 2021, China's beverage manufacturing industry's operating income increased year-on-year. A surge of 29.1% to 409 billion yuan, and retail sales surged 37.8% year-on-year to 64.4 billion yuan. As market demand rises, the efficiency and scale of production of beverage packaging have become increasingly important, and choosing the right liquid packaging machine is a good opportunity to improve efficiency. Faced with three different liquid packaging machines, should we choose a fully automatic liquid packaging machine, a semi-automatic filling machine with human-machine cooperation, or a more primitive manual filling machine?

Why choose a fully automatic liquid packaging machine instead of a semi-automatic or manual filling machine? 1

Fully automatic liquid packaging machine: the cornerstone of efficient production

Considering the demand and scale of production, if it is a large-scale production to improve efficiency, then a fully automatic liquid packaging machine with integrated functions is obviously better. The fully automatic liquid packaging machine specially designed for large-scale production integrates the functions of bottle blowing, labeling, filling, and capping, realizing fully automatic closed production and reducing the need for manual operations. Production employees can be separated from the complicated basic production and transformed into the role of supervision and control. Moreover, mechanized production will also be less prone to errors in repetitive work. Sealed machines also avoid contamination during manual operations and ensure the cleanliness and purity of products.

Why are semi-automatic or manual filling machines not suitable for mass production?

First of all, we need to make one thing clear - semi-automatic filling and manual filling are designed for small production or family workshops, and their production efficiency is incomparable with that of fully automatic liquid packaging machines. In detail, their shortcomings mainly include:

1. Low efficiency

An obvious disadvantage brought by low automation is that it requires less efficient manual cooperation. For example, semi-automatic filling and manual filling cannot be equipped with additional functional equipment, such as bottle blowing machines, labeling machines, conveyor belts, etc., requiring manual labor to place bottles, screw caps, and transport and transfer, which limits the filling speed and causes time delays.

2. Unable to accurately control the amount

Precise product quantity control has a strong guiding significance for cost and quality control. The machine's CNC system is the fairest - every dose of product is injected with exactly the same amount. But for manual filling, this is really beyond the capabilities. Even if semi-automatic filling can control the injection volume of each bottle, a certain amount of loss may be caused when manually moving bottles.

3. Cause leakage and waste

As previously stated, both semi-automatic and manual filling methods lack complete control over the precise amount of liquid being inputted into each bottle. Human error, such as unintentional overfilling or failure to stop the filling process in a timely manner, can lead to overflow or leakage of the product. This not only results in financial losses but also compromises the cleanliness of the production line. Thus, the beverage packaging line becomes a significant concern.

4. High error rate and defective product rate

Since manual filling is affected by many factors, semi-automatic or manual filling cannot guarantee a low and stable error rate, resulting in increased time and money costs.

After deciding to choose a fully automatic liquid packaging machine instead of the other two filling machines, the next step you have to do is to choose a professional fully automatic filling machine manufacturer to get the most cost-effective liquid filling and packaging machine, and China Liquid The fully automatic blowing, pasting, filling and capping machine launched by TECH-LONG, a leading company in the packaging industry, is undoubtedly your best choice.

Why choose a fully automatic liquid packaging machine instead of a semi-automatic or manual filling machine? 2

TECH-LONG's blowing, pasting, filling and capping machine: your best choice

After painstaking design, trial operation, and adjustment, TECH-LONG has launched an all-in-one blowing, pasting, filling and capping machine with unparalleled advantages, providing you with six reasons to be excited:

1. Space-saving

In a modern society where land is at a premium, high space utilization means lower rental costs and higher transfer efficiency. Compared with traditional ones, equipment that integrates bottle blowing machines, labeling machines, filling machines, and capping machines can save 20% to 30% of space and is more convenient to control and manage.

2. Manpower-saving

The fully integrated equipment only requires a single operator to oversee the entire packaging process, thereby reducing costs related to hiring and training personnel. Additionally, this automation minimizes the potential impact of human errors on production.

3. Saving energy consumption

 TECH-LONG adopts the most advanced energy-saving technology, such as high-speed heating and air circulation system and six-valve blowing process. After testing, the blowing, pasting, filling and capping machine can save 40% to 55% of high-pressure air and 25% to 35% of electricity, contributing to reducing energy consumption.

4. High production efficiency

Due to the integrated production of the whole machine, the production efficiency of the machine has been greatly improved, and the overall machine efficiency has reached an astonishing over 98%, providing strong support for your large-scale production.

5. MES intelligent management system

 TECH-LONG's fully automatic liquid packaging machine is equipped with a highly intelligent MES management system to optimize the control, maintenance and management of the production process.

6. Vision inspection and rejection system

The system can detect the quality of empty bottles, capping quality and filling level online, and quickly and efficiently eliminate defective products, ensuring a low defective rate of products and effectively improving the stability of the equipment.

If you need to increase the scale of production and occupy a place in the rapidly developing beverage industry, then please do not miss the intelligent and integrated blow-stick-fill-fill automatic liquid packaging machine. With more than 800 self-developed patents, 23 years of accumulated engineering experience, and a complete quality supervision system, we sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!

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