Three things you must know about PET bottle blowing machines

PET bottles have already penetrated every part of people's lives - whether it is food, beverages, cosmetics, or even the medicines we use, you can see it in them. But how are these PET bottles with different shapes and functions produced? The answer lies in the fully automatic production of PET bottle-blowing machines. This article provides a detailed explanation of the production principles, application scenarios and production advantages of PET bottle blowing machines to help you have a preliminary understanding of PET bottle blowing machines and gain some inspiration.

Three things you must know about PET bottle blowing machines 1

What is a PET bottle blowing machine?

It refers to a production machine used to manufacture bottles of different shapes and sizes with simple working principle: relying on the applied air pressure, the blow molding machine blows air into the heated preform and shapes it with a specific mold wrapped outside.

In detail, the overall production process of the bottle blowing machine is as follows:

The initial phase involves warming up by heating the PET bottle preform to achieve the required molding temperature while ensuring even heating of both the inner and outer walls of the body. As the bottle mouth has a distinct shape, it does not require heating, and instead, it needs to be cooled during the body's embryo heating process.

The second step is bottle blowing. The evenly heated bottle preform is fed into the blow molding mold through a chain, and sterile high-pressure air is blown into the bottle preform through the middle of the mandrel to stretch it circumferentially, so that it is inflated until it is close to the mold wall, and then cooled.

The third step is to demould. After the bottle blowing is completed, the machine begins to exhaust and demould.

The fourth step is to transmit. The formed PET bottles are sent to the bottle unloading station through the conveyor belt, and are pulled up and blown out by the bottle unloading cylinder. If it is in the blow-paste-fill-cap machine produced by TECH-LONG, it will be sent to the next machine to continue packaging.

Where are PET bottle blowing machines used?

If you look around at the products that use PET bottles, you can see a clue: PET bottles can not only hold liquids, but also semi-solids. The usage scenarios of plastic bottle blowing machines are in factories that produce these products, including:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Cosmetics industry

Of course, packaging companies that provide PET plastic bottles for the above industries can also use PET bottle blowing machines suitable for mass production.

Three things you must know about PET bottle blowing machines 2

What are the benefits of using TECH-LONG’s sixth generation PET bottle blowing machine?

Since the introduction of the first PET bottle blowing machine in the 1990s, people have been constantly improving bottle blowing technology. As a leader in the liquid industry, TECH-LONG's R&D team continues to upgrade products according to the requirements of different times, and has now launched a new sixth-generation PET bottle blowing machine. The sixth-generation PET bottle blowing machine, which combines the efforts of R&D engineers and TECH-LONG’s deep industry experience, has the following excellent performance:

1. High-speed production.  TECH-LONG has developed a production enhancement strategy to meet the growing demands for increased production volume from manufacturers, which has successfully raised the maximum productivity to an impressive 95,200 bottles per hour.

2. Consistent quality. Due to the unified mold and automatic bottle blowing system, the PET bottle blowing machine can be produced on a large scale and maintain product quality, uniformity and stability.

3. Flexibility. After improvements, TECH-LONG's sixth-generation blow molding machine can now use different molds to produce bottles of different types, improving the flexibility and mobility of the production line.

4. High reliability. TECH-LONG, as a prominent player in China's high-end liquid packaging sector, has garnered significant acclaim and recognition over its 24-year journey. However, this has not deterred us from continuously seeking improved packaging solutions. TECH-LONG's innovation-driven approach has consistently secured its position on the Guangzhou Enterprise Innovation List, earning deep trust and recognition from its esteemed clientele.

Three things you must know about PET bottle blowing machines 3

Choosing a trustworthy Blow Molding Machine Supplier is the key to efficient production.We remain true to its original aspiration and insists on providing customers with high-yield, energy-saving, multi-production line, and low-waste PET bottle solutions. TECH-LONG's commitment to authenticity has garnered the trust and collaboration of numerous high-quality customers, with some even becoming fervent advocates and participating in multiple projects together. Given our stellar reputation and formidable capabilities, we firmly believe that we are your ultimate partner of choice.

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