Stay true to your original aspiration and accompany you with devotion

Throughout the years, TECH-LONG has remained devoted to nurturing students and upholding their education with love. We have consistently shown gratitude by providing unwavering support to numerous students and continuously giving back to society. This has rallied every TECH-LONG employee to join in the cause, ensuring our original intentions are met. 

On July 5th, 2023, a compassionate team organized by TECH-LONG embarked on a journey spanning thousands of miles, crossing mountains and rivers, carrying hope-filled supplies to Xisan Town, Mile City, Yunnan Province. At Central Primary School, Phoenix Primary School, and Tumuji Primary School, we initiated a heartful charity movement to aid students.

Stay true to your original aspiration and accompany you with devotion 1

On the school playground, the sun shone like gold, shining on the smiling faces of every child. They raised their arms high and gave a lofty salute ceremony that moved us deeply. In the expectant eyes of the students, we arrived at these three schools one after another, and the enthusiasm in our hearts burned even more vigorously. We practiced our best, carrying pieces of love materials, and delivered school supplies directly to the children's hands. Bed boards and beds are neatly laid out in the students' dormitories, allowing them to concentrate on their studies without worries.

The youthful and energetic atmosphere brings us closer together, fostering a strong sense of connection. Adorned in bright red scarves, the children's innocent and joyful smiles warmly welcome us, their exuberant singing echoing through our hearts. These emotions inspire us with an unparalleled sense of honor and responsibility, driving us to continue our student aid actions with passion and determination.

Stay true to your original aspiration and accompany you with devotion 2

Each act of aid embodies the love and strength of TECH-LONG's members, spreading warmth and hope to countless students who are seeking knowledge and pursuing their dreams. Through our shared mission of helping students, we strive to build a brighter future for all, creating a warm and beautiful society where dreams come true.

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