How to choose the best fully automatic edible oil filling machine?

Unconsciously, it has been more than ten years since the gutter oil incident in 2011. The once-hot topic still attracts some attention, but it is no longer what it used to be. With the decline in soybean oil prices, the improvement of food safety laws, and the conduct of regular inspections by the Market Supervision Bureau, people's concerns have gradually shifted from the safety of edible oil to the safety of edible oil packaging, which has led to the cleaning of edible oil fillings. 

So where in the edible oil packaging process will it affect its quality? Let’s first review the production process of the fully automatic edible oil filling machine to inspire and summarize how to achieve hygienic filling.

How to choose the best fully automatic edible oil filling machine? 1

The production process of fully automatic edible oil filling machine:

Initially, it is imperative that edible oil is stored in a hygienic and uncontaminated container, which can be produced using the blow molding machine integrated within the fully automated edible oil filling machine. Alternatively, customers may opt to supply their own container. However, in the context of ensuring proper sanitation, the former method – without the requirement for transportation – is undoubtedly the more optimal choice.

After arranging the containers, it’s time to fill the cooking oil. During this process, high-precision quantitative filling should be achieved to avoid backflow, overflow and residue.

The last step is to screw the cap on the filled edible oil. When screwing the cap, you should also pay attention to whether the bottle cap is clean, sterile, and free of debris and dust.

From the perspective of filling steps, in order to ensure the purity and hygiene of edible oil packaging, a more secure fully automatic edible oil filling machine must be selected. So where to choose? Next, this article will inspire you from five aspects on how to choose the best fully automatic edible oil filling machine.

How to choose the best fully automatic edible oil filling machine?

1. Cost-effectiveness

The cost-effectiveness here refers to purchasing a liquid automatic filling machine with high efficiency, durability and multiple functions within a certain price range,  rather than solely pursuing a low-priced option. While budget-friendly machines may appear enticing, their quality, efficiency, and durability cannot be guaranteed. Sacrificing product quality and output for lower prices is a myopic approach. Additionally, a comparatively expensive yet highly efficient and fully functional machine can yield returns on investment over time through optimized operations.

2. Sealing and hygiene

Due to food safety reasons, the filling machine selected should have a certain degree of sealing and hygiene, which requires minimizing human operations during the overall packaging process to avoid external contamination. At the same time, the machine needs to be able to automatically clean internal pipes, handle cooking oil residues in a timely manner, and keep the entire production process clean.

3. Durability

The life of the machine is not only reflected in the service life, but also related to stability, anti-collision, anti-friction, and explosion-proof capabilities. A stable and long-lasting machine is not only a strong guarantee of high efficiency, but also a good helper to save maintenance and replacement costs.

4. Energy consumption

Due to the tiered electricity charges, high electricity bills have always been a major pain point for capital outflows in the manufacturing industry. A good fully automatic edible oil filling machine should have certain energy-saving strategies to reduce expenses for the enterprise.

5. Machine manufacturer’s popularity and industry experience

Choosing a trustworthy fully automatic filling machine manufacturer can usually help you save time in selection, eliminating the tediousness and trouble of obtaining information from various channels and then comparing based on the above conditions. A liquid packaging manufacturer with a well-known brand has usually been in business for a certain number of years and can provide you with targeted solutions and considerate services based on its accumulated rich experience.

When it comes to domestic manufacturers of liquid packaging machines, TECH-LONG is often the first name that comes to mind, given its extensive 23 years of industry experience. Being the first publicly listed company in the Chinese beverage packaging industry to establish a national-level technology center, TECH-LONG's confidence in its blow-fill-cap machine as the optimal solution for hygienic packaging of edible oils stems from various factors. In the subsequent discussion, we will delve into each of these factors in detail.

How to choose the best fully automatic edible oil filling machine? 2

Five reasons to choose TECH-LONG's blow-fill-cap machine:

1. High cost performance

Based on many years of exploration experience in the liquid packaging industry, TECH-LONG has devoted its efforts to develop this blowing, filling and capping machine that combines full automation, high productivity, and MES intelligent management.

2. High cleanliness

The all-in-one machine is equipped with an accurate dosing meter to reduce spills and drips during the filling process, plus a fully automatic closed cycle cleaning in place system (CIP system), as well as UV sterilization, ion dust removal, hydrogen peroxide sterilization, and sterile high pressure. Technical means such as air blowing not only ensure the foundation of production efficiency, but also ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the entire edible oil packaging process.

3. Highly protective shell

TECH-LONG's blow-fill-cap all-in-one machine adopts an integral floor-standing frame and uses high-strength double-layer laminated explosion-proof tempered glass to improve the machine's explosion-proof and scratch-proof capabilities. It is not only beautiful and elegant, but also safe and durable.

4. Adapt to various bottle sizes

In a production process where efficiency is king, flexible production lines can speed up the production of products of different sizes. The blow-fill-cap machine that is suitable for filling various bottle sizes can reduce engineers’ debugging time and reduce losses caused by line interruptions.

5. Unique energy-saving technology

As an enterprise with high R&D capabilities and more than 800 patents, one of the highlights of TECH-LONG blowing, filling and capping machines is its powerful energy-saving technology. Compared with traditional production lines, our machine can save 40%-50% of the high-pressure gas used for bottle blowing, and reduce overall power consumption by 25%-35%.

As the company that pioneered China's first high-speed PET bottle edible oil production line, TECH-LONG began to provide optimal packaging solutions for the edible oil industry in 2017. Having been deeply involved in the liquid packaging industry for 23 years,TECH-LONG is well aware of the pain points of edible oil packaging and has developed targeted solutions through a technical team of more than 340 people. Therefore, the blow-fill-cap machine launched has no matter in terms of production efficiency, cleanliness, and durability. In terms of energy consumption, it will be the choice that best meets your expectations.

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