Soda water has become the spotlight in the beverage industry because of its health concept of changing the weak acid constitution, and according to the report, the market capacity of soda water will exceed 20 billion in the next few years.

Nevertheless, as the demand for soda water escalates in the forthcoming years, certain drawbacks of soda production lines are beginning to emerge, impacting the consumer experience. One such drawback is the presence of white or black flocculent precipitates, resulting from contamination by mold or yeast in soda water. This not only undermines product sales but also has a substantial influence on the enterprise's image and reputation.


Therefore, how to control mold pollution in the soda production line has become a problem for thousands of soda drink manufacturers.


Headquartered in Guangzhou, China, TECH-LONG Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is Asia’s largest supplier of packaging systems and technologies to the bottling and packaging industry. TECH-LONG has excellent R & D capabilities and is committed to providing turnkey solutions for liquid packaging in the world. Up to now, Guangzhou TECH-LONG Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has maintained close cooperation with the world’s major brands, such as Mailang, RUSAGRO, Cargill, etc.


After learning the challenges that soda manufacturers encounter, TECH-LONG decides to give soda producers a hand to control mold contamination and improve productivity by updating and customizing its soda bottling machines and soda packaging machines.


Actually, maintaining a sterile state at the source, specifically the soda filling machines and environment, is considered a highly effective approach in addressing mold pollution along the soda production line. With this in mind, TECH-LONG launched a super-clean filling machine based on the microbial control technology of aseptic filling, which can run under the normal temperature and is specially designed to control mold contamination for soda drinks.


Through the aseptic treatment of the environment, equipment, materials, and bottles by TECH-LONG soda filling machine in a normal-temperature 100-level environment, soda drinks can keep away from mold pollution.


Many bacteria are invisible to our naked eyes that either float in the air or attach to devices. Thus, keeping the workshop environment out of the condition of mold propagation is the most favorable solution. TECH-LONG’s soda bottling machine with a built-in high-efficiency sterilization filter is good at effectively filtering the air into sterile air and providing fumigation and disinfection for bottle sterilization machines and filling areas.


In order to prevent external bacteria from entering the product during the soda production process, COP and SOP systems are applied to the soda filling machine of TECH-LONG. Besides, CIP and SIP system play their roles in sterilizing the material pipeline and filling valve to ensure a sterile material channel.


Aseptic treatment of materials and bottles is equally vital to that of the environment and equipment. What makes TECH-LONG soda filling machine and soda packing machine emerge as the top one choice is its capability of completing four aspects of aseptic treatment at the same time.


The material to be sterile by the UHT of sterile and automatic pipes is achieved using superheated water SIP to control superheated water temperature and circulation time. After the aseptic soda water is cooled to the normal temperature, it is sent to the material tank of the filling

machine for filling.

For the sterilization of filling bottles, the TECH-LONG soda bottling machine thoroughly disinfects the bottle caps by disinfecting the liquid immersion method and uses hydrogen peroxide and aseptic gas to mix in the form of a spray to sterilize the bottle body. After soaking and sterilizing, the filling bottle will be washed with ozone water, dried with sterile air, and sent to the capping machine through the fully closed conveying slide.


In this case, possible contamination is blocked out during the whole soda production line after sterilization by TECH-LONG PET bottle soda filling machine so as to control the mold pollution for soda manufacturers effectively.



The increased focus on health-consciousness among consumers has resulted in a growing trend towards the soda market, therefore propelling demand for global soda. In this context, the adoption of an aseptic soda filling machine can effectively mitigate the risk of mold contamination in soda, thereby ensuring health and safety standards and enhancing market competitiveness. For those interested in TECH-LONG soda filling machines, your inquiries will be appreciated.