Hot melt adhesive labeling machine 1
Hot melt adhesive labeling machine 2
Hot melt adhesive labeling machine 3
Hot melt adhesive labeling machine 4
Hot melt adhesive labeling machine 1
Hot melt adhesive labeling machine 2
Hot melt adhesive labeling machine 3
Hot melt adhesive labeling machine 4

Hot melt adhesive labeling machine

TECH-LONG hot melt adhesive labeling machine is a new generation of labeling equipment with the latest research results.


It features reasonable design, reliable performance, low operating cost, high cost performance, etc., which can meet the labeling requirements of round bottles, square bottles, oval bottles and other bottle types on production lines with different capacities, and is suitable for labeling after filling and for labeling onto empty bottles.



Our extensive product category can meet the needs of majority hot melt adhesive labeling in the market;

It is suitable for hot melt adhesive labels of various materials in the market, with a wide range of application;

 The use of carved pattern glue drum and elastic scrapers greatly reduce the glue consumption of customers;

The quick-change module design is adopted for the bottle size parts, which greatly reduces the time for replacing the bottle size parts and improves the efficiency;

A variety of practical options: electrostatic elimination parts, UPS, fume extraction device, automatic splicing components, etc., to meet the personalized needs of customers. 


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    Application areas

     Widely used in home care and personal care industry, chemical industry, wine industry, food and beverage industry, condiment industry and so on.

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    Application range

    Bottle material: PET, glass and metal;

    Label materials: OPP, BOPP, composite film, paper labels, etc.;

    Product type: water, beverage, home care and personal care, and other industries.

    Bottle shape: round bottle, rectangular bottle and oval bottle;

    Bottle capacity: 0.2L to 15L and other common bottle types in the market;

    ● Use of wrap around label with hot melt adhesive;

    ● Use of local label with hot melt adhesive;

    ● It can be applied to the positioning and labeling of special-shaped bottles such as square bottles;

    ● It is suitable for labeling before or after filling.

    Model and capacity

    Model  Capacity Comment
    TLpro480-12A 18000 Small bottle type
     TLpro600-15A 24000 Small bottle type
    TLpro720-18A 32000 Small bottle type
    TLpro960-24A 43200 Small bottle type
    TLModule1200-30I-S 48000 Small bottle type
    TLModule1440-36I 56000 Small bottle type
    TLModule1800-45I 72000 Small bottle type
    1-PHR6X 3000  Large bottle type
     1-PHR9T 4000  Large bottle type
    1-PHR12A 8000  Large bottle type
    2-PHR12C 10000 Cam curve
    2-PHR18C 15000 Cam curve
    2-PHR24C 24000 Cam curve
    1-PHR6E 3000 Full servo
    1-PHR9F 7000 Full servo
    1-PHR12E 8000 Full servo
    2-PHR16E 12000 Full servo
    3-PHR20E 24000 Full servo


    ● Small bottle series hot melt adhesive labeling machine;

    Large bottle series hot melt adhesive labeling machine;

    Cam curve mechanical positioning series hot melt adhesive labeling machine;

      Full servo positioning series hot melt adhesive labeling machine.

    Technical parameters for bottle label configuration

    Bottle type and application parameters of glue solution Label application parameters
    Bottle height Minimum-150mm Label height Minimum-30mm
    Maximum-375mm Maximum-175mm
    Bottle diameter Minimum-55mm Label length Minimum-185mm
    Minimum-110mm Maximum-360mm
    Gluing application mode Glue the local position at the beginning and end of the label Applicable label materials OPP, BOPP, pearl film, composite paper
    Viscosity of glue solution 300cps~850cps Label reel direction It should be consistent with the direction of the bottle in and out of the machine (Distinguish: LR/RL machine variants)
     Use temperature of glue solution 160°C~130°C
    Optimal ambient temperature 5~40°C Optimum ambient humidity 50~65%RH
    Customization is available for devices whose application parameters exceed the standard configuration for the model range.

    Design features

    ● Simple operation and maintenance;

    Parts associated with different bottle types and labels can be replaced within 15 minutes;

    The adjustment process of moving and fixed cutting knives is simple, with excellent cutting performance and high service life;

    By optimizing the design of the structure, the number of wearing parts is reduced to the maximum extent, thereby improving its service life;

    By optimizing the design of label conveying mechanism and control system, the adaptability of labels is enhanced;

    The optimization design of glue supply system and glue rolling mechanism functions to enhance the adaptability of hot melt adhesive;

    By optimizing the adhesive drum assembly, the adhesive performance and issues such as glue throwing and wire drawing are improved, and the consumption of glue is indirectly reduced.

    ● By optimizing the movable platform and bottom drive, the noise and vibration of the equipment during high-speed labeling are reduced.

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    Structural principle

    Working principle: A detection point is set on the conveying chain in the bottle feeding direction to automatically control the running speed (low, medium, high and stop) of the equipment. The bottle is conveyed to the rotary mechanism through the screw, and the equipment starts to run automatically after receiving the bottle feeding signal fed back by the detection device. After the label passes through the tensioning mechanism and the film guide, it enters the label cutting mechanism where it is severed into predetermined lengths. The labels, which have been cut to the desired length, are transferred to the labeling mechanism through vacuum adsorption, and the rotating labeling mechanism rotates around the glue rolling mechanism, and then, the labels with hot melt adhesive are stuck at both ends and attached to the bottles of the rotary mechanism. Finally the labeling process is completed after the bottle is leveled with the label by the label brush. At the same time, the running speed (stop or run) of the equipment is controlled through the detection point set by the bottle outfeed chain.


    Glue drum: laser engraving is adopted to accurately control the processing depth, thus greatly reducing the amount of rubber used by customers and saving costs for customers;

     Automatic splicing: changing the label reel without stopping the machine to improve efficiency;

    Fume extraction device: use a fan to draw away the inevitable glue wire generated by hot melt adhesive heating, so as to protect the environment and the health of customers.

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    Main components of the equipment

    Label reel
    German E+L film guide, with deviation accuracy of 0.01mm
    Labeling station

    Bottle size parts

    Transfer drum assembly
    Center guide plate assembly
    Bottle stop star wheel assembly
    Transfer drum assembly
    Transfer star wheel assembly
    Cutting drum housing assembly
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