Self adhesive labeling machine 1
Self adhesive labeling machine 1

Self adhesive labeling machine

Self adhesive labeling machine machine is a model independently developed by TECH-LONG based on the increasing demand of customers for simple, safe and efficient labeling machines. This model is compatible with the conversion of full bottle labeling and empty bottle labeling. Both container rotation and label transfer are controlled by servo motor, providing high positioning accuracy and excellent reliability, as well as superior adaptability and flexibility.


This type of machine is suitable for all kinds of common special-shaped containers such as round, square and oval containers, and containers made of plastic, glass and metal. What’s more, this series of equipment has a variety of bottle infeed and outfeed layout designs to improve the utilization rate of customer sites.


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    1. The frame design mode of rotary large disc can improve the design range of production capacity;

    2. The adoption of independent labeling station design can meet the labeling requirements of one or more labels; 

    3. Automatic splicing of self-adhesive labels is achievable;

    4. Double-roller label transfer: high labeling accuracy and wide application range;

    5. Six-degree-of-freedom is adjustable: applicable to the respective style of labeling;

    6. Air buffering: fast response and high-speed labeling.

    Application range

    Bottle material: PET, glass and metal bottles.

    Label material: self-adhesive labels made of paper and plastic;

    Product type: water, beverage, home care and daily care, and other industries;

    Bottle shape: round bottle, rectangular bottle, oval bottle and special-shaped bottle;

    Bottle type capacity: 0.2L to 15L and other common bottle types in the market.

    Design features

    The servo system rotates the bottle to position, realizing labeling at any position of the container with high precision and fast response speed; The labeling station can be adjusted quickly in many directions to meet the labeling of various irregular surfaces such as cylinders and cones;

    Full servo labeling station design works to maximize the precision of label transfer and reduce the vibration and noise of the system;

    Modular multi-labeling station layout, which can increase or decrease the number of labeling stations according to customer's needs to meet the multiple label application requirement for products;

    Modular labeling station can meet the labeling requirements of the combination of different types such as hot melt adhesive and self-adhesive labeling;

    ● Static electricity removal system at the labeling station improves the accuracy of label transfer and labeling, and ensures the cleanliness of bottles and labels;

    Label coding (inkjet printing) and inspection for meeting the diversified needs of customers.


    Model and capacity

    SN Machine model Max mumberof labeling stations Output Output per labeling station Output of multiple labeling stations
    1 TRM-720-18-E 2 24000BPH 50m/min 50m/min
    2 TRM-960-24-E 2 36000BPH 50m/min 50m/min
    3 TRM-1200-30-E 3 48000BPH 50m/min 50m/min
    4 TRM-1440-36-E 3 56000BPH 50m/min 50m/min
    5 TRM-1800-50-E 3 65000BPH 70m/min 70m/min

    Technical parameters for bottle label configuration

    Bottle parameters Label parameters
    Bottle height 150mm-375mm Label height 30mm-230mm Labeling height 15mm
    Bottle diameter 50mm-110mm Label length 30-200mm Labeling precision +0.05mm
    Customized machine is available
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