Combined labeling machine 1
Combined labeling machine 1

Combined labeling machine

The combined labeling machine is a device that combines the self-adhesive and hot-melt adhesive labels with the modular design concept that different labeling stations share the same platform, and simultaneously meets the two labeling requirements of customers on the same device.


Self-adhesive labelers and hot-melt adhesive labelers have gradually evolved according to the different requirements of the market for the materials, specifications and pasting methods of labels. These two types of models can achieve more than 40% commonality in design. The combined labeler makes use of this characteristic and adopts modular design, which makes the integration of two distinct machine types into a single device, expanding the application range of customers' existing production lines and accommodating potential changes in the future.


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    1. Full servo drive and modular design of labeling station are adopted, so that the combined labeling machine has the application functions of two types of machines;

    2. Saving customers' space;

    3. Achieving ultra-high speed labeling across multiple labeling stations by breaking through the speed limits of standard labeling stations;

    4. Combining the advantages of independent hot melt adhesive and self-adhesive labeling machines.

    Application range

    Bottle material: PET, glass and metal;

    Label material: hot melt adhesive labels such as OPP, BOPP, composite film, paper labels, paper and plastic self-adhesive labels;

    Product type: water, beverage, home care and personal care, and other industries;

    Bottle shape: round bottle, rectangular bottle, oval bottle and special-shaped bottle;

    Bottle capacity: 0.2L to 15L and other common bottle types in the market.


    1. A miter-shaped label cutting component: small bottles are labeled at high speed, which is compatible with large bottles, thereby expanding its range of applications;

    2. Independent servo drive: precise control of label cutting, gluing and labeling.


    1. TLModule720 series combined labeling machine;

    2. TLModule960 series combined labeling machine;

    3. TLModule1200 series combined labeling machine;

    4. TLModule1440 series combined labeling machine.

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