In recent years, China’s dairy industry has been booming. The output and total output value have increased by more than 10 times in the last 10 years, which has gradually attracted the attention of the world. Although compared with developed countries, China’s dairy industry started late, but thanks to China’s fast-developing economic level and huge population base, the penetration rate of dairy products has increased rapidly, and the industry has developed rapidly. In 2019, China’s dairy products market reached 428.4 billion yuan (equivalent to 61.9 billion U.S. dollars), ranking second in the world. At present, China’s dairy product market has transitioned from a rapid increase in penetration rate to the current price-driven stage.

At the beginning of 2020, dairy products were greatly affected by the epidemic. For the whole year, listed companies achieved revenue growth of 3.63% and a net profit decline of 14.49%. Profits were affected by factors such as the epidemic and costs. In the post-epidemic era, consumers’ demand for dairy products has increased. In 2021 Q1, revenue and profits of the sector have increased by 35.89% and 199.36%, which are 22.92% and 22.20% respectively over the same period in 2019Q1. The industry has made a good start in the first quarter.

Consumers have increased their attention to the ease of use of packaging and sustainable development, and liquid dairy products in PET bottles have been sold on the market.

1) The cost of raw materials for PET bottles is low, and with the same capacity, the bottle weight is reduced, saving costs, increasing output, and protecting the environment.

2) PET can be blow-molded into various shapes and sizes, and the label design is diversified, providing more possibilities than cartons, thereby increasing brand recognition

3) PET’s oxygen barrier is greatly improved than high-density polyethylene packaging (HDPE), the taste and flavor are better preserved, and the shelf life is longer than HDPE bottles under the same storage conditions

4) PET can be added with color masterbatch to achieve high light resistance and has a good light barrier effect on some photosensitive products

5) PET material is strong, tough, easy to transport, and has low loss


(Ultra-Clean Cold Chain Dry Filling System)


An excellent aseptic filling system from Tech-Long you can’t miss

Tech-Long aseptic filling system’s aseptic filling process integrated aseptic isolation technology and microorganism control technology. It has some outstanding advantages.


Wide range of applications

Our aseptic filling system is suitable for filling various liquid beverages, such as tea, juice, protein-based beverage, dairy products, energy drinks, etc.


Filling in ambient temperature

During the filling process, if dairy products are exposed to heat for too long, it will cause the loss of vitamins. Our aseptic filling system uses normal temperature filling to increase the nutrition preservation of the products.


Low cost

Compared with hot filling products, our aseptic filling system has a lower packaging cost. In mass-production industries, the packaging cost is a large expenditure. If you want your dairy products to have more market price advantages, you should control the packaging cost. Our aseptic filling system can help you achieve this goal.


Multiple container designs

Bottled drinks on the market have different capacities and shapes. It often takes time to find the appropriate size and shape for your various products. It is gratifying that our aseptic filling system can provide you with a variety of container designs, reduce your search time and provide you a perfect one-stop service.


Tech-Long has many years of packaging experience, among which the ultra-clean cold-chain dry sterilization process is deeply loved by dairy companies. The ultra-clean cold-chain dry filling system uses a gaseous form of sterilization, which not only has high sterilization strength but also covers the inner and outer surfaces of the packaging material, uniform contact, and no dead spots for sterilization. The system is also equipped with process monitoring, which can store all process steps and record production process data. Our aseptic filling line is well received by the public. Please contact us for more information about aseptic bottle filling.