How to choose between sauce filling machine and soy sauce and vinegar filling machine?

Since the epidemic, Chinese catering consumption habits have undergone tremendous changes: people who used to "keep their hands clean" had to grab a spatula to cook for themselves, and gradually shifted from eating out to home cooking. According to data from iMedia Research, China's seasoning market is expected to reach 513.3 billion yuan in 2022 and reach 788.1 billion yuan in 2025. To meet the growing market demand for soy sauce, vinegar, and other essential condiments, production companies must plan to enhance filling efficiency and layout. Additionally, they should update their filling equipment, such as investing in soy sauce and vinegar filling machines, to keep up with production demands, which will help ensure that sauce production remains efficient, effective, and competitive in the industry.

Before riding on this trend, you need to first understand some of the current difficulties encountered when filling soy sauce and vinegar, and based on these difficulties, look for suitable filling machines that can overcome these difficulties.

How to choose between sauce filling machine and soy sauce and vinegar filling machine? 1

Four Difficulties in Sauce Filling

Difficulty 1: Product bubbling

When operating the sauce filling machine and soy sauce and vinegar filling machine, excessive filling speed can lead to product bubbling, which may interfere with liquid level detection and adversely affect the capacity consistency of the production line.

Difficulty 2: Product leakage

Since the filled sauce is more viscous than ordinary water, dripping will inevitably occur during the operation, which is a big challenge for maintaining pipeline cleanliness.

Difficulty 3: Equipment Corrosion

The high salt content in soy sauce and the acidic nature of vinegar can affect the lifespan of the soy sauce and vinegar filling machine. Additionally, they may alter the flavor of the liquid product. Thus, the pipe materials and cleaning systems of the sauce-filling machine must meet higher standards.

Difficulty 4: Accurate filling

The last difficulty in sauce filling is accurate filling. Accurate filling is a key to the control of production costs of enterprises. If liquid overflows during the filling process, it will increase the number of pipeline cleanings at best, and cause pipeline pollution at worst, affecting the smooth filling process of the soy sauce and vinegar filling machine. 

How to choose between sauce filling machine and soy sauce and vinegar filling machine? 2

How to choose the most suitable sauce filling machine and soy sauce and vinegar filling machine?

When choosing a soy sauce and vinegar filling machine, you can refer to the following four suggestions:

1. Choose the appropriate filling speed

To avoid product bubbling or bottlenecking in the production process, it is essential to choose a sauce-filling machine that can be adjusted to the ideal filling speed. Therefore, when selecting a filling machine, it is crucial to consider the actual production needs and choose a machine that can meet the most suitable filling speed requirements.

2. Choose a filling machine with a CIP system

During the sauce-filling process, the pipes need to be kept clean to avoid molding the products on the shelves. Therefore, liquid condiment manufacturers need to choose a sauce-filling machine equipped with a CIP system (Clean in Place) to clean it in time when leakage occurs.

3. Choose a filling machine with high anti-corrosion performance

The salt and acidic substances in condiments will corrode pipes with insufficient anti-corrosion performance. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a soy sauce and vinegar filling machine with anti-corrosion treatment on the pipes to increase the service life of the machine while ensuring product safety and reducing business costs.

4. Choose a filling machine with accurate measurement

Quantitative filling is an important condition for achieving large-scale production. Therefore, the most appropriate quantitative filling method should be selected based on the characteristics of the liquid product to ensure product consistency.

How to choose between sauce filling machine and soy sauce and vinegar filling machine? 3

Why choose the TECH-LONG condiment filling machine?

After years of painstaking research, TECH-LONG has finally overcome the filling difficulties of the above-mentioned sauce-filling machines and launched various models of condiment filling machines, which can perfectly solve problems such as product bubbling, dripping, equipment corrosion, and inaccurate filling while ensuring the ultra-high hygiene of the equipment. At the same time, these sauce-filling machines can handle a variety of bottle types, including PET bottles, glass bottles, aluminum bottles, HDPE bottles, PE bottles, etc., injecting flexibility into your production line. What's more, TECH-LONG’s condiment filling machine provides you with three filling methods, including mechanical valve filling, flow meter filling, and weighing filling, allowing you to easily choose the one that is more suitable for actual production conditions. With the above advantages, TECH-LONG's condiment filling machine can also maintain a filling speed of 36,000 bottles per hour, maximizing your production efficiency.

As a national-level technology business incubator, TECH-LONG has been committed to solving packaging problems for various industries with its superior technological R&D capabilities. It has currently delivered 500+ engineering projects to global customers and has been unanimously recognized by them. If you have any technical problems that need to be solved urgently, please consult our technical team in time and we will answer you in detail!

Customize Sauce Bottle Filling Machine For Your Needs  

At our company, we understand the importance of having a sauce bottle-filling machine that caters specifically to your unique needs. Whether you require a machine with adjustable filling speeds, different bottle sizes, or special features, we have got you covered. Our team of experienced engineers is highly skilled in customizing sauce bottle-filling machines to ensure seamless integration into your production line. We take into consideration factors such as the viscosity of your sauces, desired output rates, and specific filling techniques to create a personalized solution for you. With our advanced technology and state-of-the-art machinery, we guarantee efficient and accurate filling of your sauce bottles.

Our customizable machines offer precise control over filling quantities, minimizing wastage and maximizing productivity. Additionally, we prioritize the safety and hygiene aspects of your filling process. Our machines are designed with easy-to-clean surfaces and comply with industry standards to ensure compliance with sanitation regulations. Not only do we focus on functionality, but we also strive for user-friendliness. Our customizable sauce bottle-filling machines are equipped with intuitive interfaces, enabling easy operation and adjustment. In case you face any challenges, our customer support team is always available to provide prompt assistance. To ensure your satisfaction, we offer comprehensive after-sales services, including regular maintenance and technical support.

We aim to build a long-term partnership with you and exceed your expectations at every step. Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to sauce bottle-filling machines. Let us customize a machine that perfectly matches your requirements and helps streamline your sauce production process. Contact us today to discuss your needs and find the perfect solution tailored just for you.


How does the Sauce Bottle Filling Machine work?

The Sauce Bottle Filling Machine is an automated piece of equipment designed to efficiently fill bottles with sauce or condiments. This sophisticated machine operates in a systematic and precise manner to ensure accurate filling and packaging of various types of sauces.

At the start of the process, empty bottles are loaded onto a conveyor belt or manually placed into designated slots. The machine then takes over, initiating a series of steps to optimally fill each bottle. Firstly, the sauce, whether it be ketchup, mayonnaise, or any other desired condiment, is stored in a tank or reservoir connected to the filling machine. Through a complex system of valves and pipes, the sauce is pumped from the storage tank while being carefully measured by sensors to achieve the correct quantity for filling.

Next, the sauce is channeled into a nozzle or filling head, which is adjustable to accommodate different bottle sizes and shapes. This nozzle is specifically designed to create a seal with the bottle opening, preventing any spillage during the filling process. Once the bottle is properly positioned beneath the nozzle, the filling process begins. The machine accurately dispenses the sauce into the bottle through the nozzle, ensuring a neat and consistent flow. The machine can be programmed to fill the bottles up to predetermined levels, providing flexibility for various packaging requirements. To maintain hygiene and prevent cross-contamination, the machine is equipped with cleaning mechanisms. These mechanisms can include automated rinsing or sterilization of the filling heads after each cycle or automatic changes of disposable filling nozzles. After the sauce has been accurately dispensed, the filled bottles are usually transported to the next stage of the production line. This could involve capping, labeling, or sealing the bottles for secure packaging.

Overall, the Sauce Bottle Filling Machine streamlines the bottling process, significantly saving time and reducing human error. Its advanced technology and operational precision make it a crucial component in the efficient production of sauce-filled bottles, catering to the demands of the food industry while maintaining consistent quality control.

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