Caring Student

Stay true to your original aspiration and accompany you with devotion
The long road to education has been filled with love for students. Over the past decades, Tech-Long has always adhered to its original intention and always been grateful.
2023 11 15
TECH-LONG  | Caring for education in mountainous areas and donating to support education
Give roses to others and leave fragrance in your hands. Dedicate love and reap hope.
2023 11 15
TECH-LONG |Caring and supportive of students, start again with warmth
Light up the students' hopes with love, and present gifts to the party's centenary birthday with compassion.
2023 11 15
TECH-LONG Practices CSR in Yunnan Province to Improve Enterprise Image
Despite the seven-hour trek, the charity team of Tech-Long was enthusiastic to carry out the donation activities. Under the leadership of Mr. Zhang Chongming, the members of the charity team arrived at Dali primary school and Luona primary school in Dongshan Town, mile City, Yunnan Province.
2023 07 21
Use love to show you the vastness of the world! ——Memory of the 2019 Techlong Love Tour in Wushan, Chongqing
So far, Tech-Long has been quietly marching on the road of charity for more than 10 years.
2023 11 15
Every Action Represents More Meaningful Care - TECH-LONG's Educational Aid in Yongzhou, Hunan Province
It was a sunny summer day. The luxuriant trees shielded the scorching heat. Led by Mr. Zhang Chongming, Tech-Long’s care action team finally arrived in Yongzhou, Hunan Province after an eight-hour drive to send summer gifts for the kids at Yao Township Wenming Elementary School, Henglin, Dao County and Yongjia Elementary School, Longbo Town, Shuangpai County.
2023 07 21
Provide Support in the Name of Love - About TECH-LONG's 2017 Charity Trip to Guangxi
Plant a seedling, you will get a room of spring; while help a child, you will create a promising future. Tech-Long’s 2017 Charity Trip to Guangxi smoothly developed under expectation.
2023 07 21
Educational Supporter & Dream Builder & Talent Cultivator - TECH-LONG's 2016 Charity Trip to Anshun, Guizhou
We have love, we care our “future”. on the road of progress, Tech-long keeps focusing on the children in poor areas and encourgae them to bravely seek their dream.
2023 07 21
TECH-LONG's Aiding on the Students' activity in the Autumn of 2015
On September 9th,2015,the charitable activity that supporting the poor areas is held in Xiangxi.
2023 07 21
Assist the Students in Shaoguan - TECH-LONG's Charity Activities In 2014
There was cheer coming out from Changshi Primary School time and time again, in Hukou Town Shaoguan City; it seemed to announce a beginning of new life. Spacious and well-lighted classroom, firmly windows, massy doors, boxes of brand new sports apparatus…,
2023 07 21
Caring the education in Qingtang - TECH-LONG's love charity tour in 2013
In March, Hubei’s sky is gloomy after snow, the barren soil cannot save the water, and the red dust is blowing everywhere. The untidy cornfields on the roadside grow next to the road towards the school, and the green wheat sprouts stubbornly.
2023 07 21
Let children's study dream come true - Tour of TECH-LONG Hot Heart Education Aid
In order to get a deep and comprehensive understand of the remote schools, Mr. Zhang Chongming of Tech-long personally took a tour of observation there. The tough conditions shocked him.
2023 07 21
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