Barreled Water

Many successful cooperations made Tania firmly choose Tech-Long again.
Tania chose Tech-Long again as the Liquid Packaging Machine Supplier for its new project in 2013. It took only two months from initiation to cooperation.
Tania Water Factory, Saudi Arabia
Started in 2003, as a water factory in Al Kharj; todayTania has become one of the fastest and largest growingcompany in the 5 Gallon industry in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.Tania is a family owned business managed by the Dossari Family under the patronage of management of Eng. ShouimyAlDossari (General Manager)
Fayha Al Qassim Water Factory, Saudi Arabia
Tech-Long has achieved a good reputation in the Middle East and East Africa. Starting in 2003 with 5 Gallon Rinsing-Filling Capping machines, Tech-Long has installed over 65 operational plants sin the region for 5 Gallon RFC ranging from 120 BPH to 3000 BPH. After the huge success of these machines, Tech-Long has built confidence.
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