Carbonated Beverage

TECH-LONG and Pepsi
Pepsi, a world leading company in beverage andsnack foods, is also one of the most successful onein consumer goods, with a staff of 140, 000 in morethan 200 countries and regions.
TECH-LONG and Coca cola
Coca-Cola, with its sales of carbonated beverageatop the globe, is the most famous soft drinkbrand, holding spectacular global market shareof 48%%.
TECH-LONG Rises to Fame in Canada Market
People might well confuse Canada with America due to a general resemblance with minor differences between the two countries from geography, politics to cultures. However, Canada has its own characteristics.
TECH-LONG Provides Vietnam Number One Hanam with the First 36000BPH Warm Filling Machine for Water & Carbonated Drinks
As one of the renowned beer producers in Vietnam, THP Group provides a wide range of products (including THP and Number One) and it take up over 35% of the local beer market shares.
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