Win Speedy Success And Carry Forward -Tech-Long Cooperated With Muse To Wholly Enter South Sudan Market

In July 2013, Tech-Long International Sales Department reported a new success MUSE AF LTD in South Sudan purchased our company's 24000 bottles/hour sparkling beverage whole line, including the pre-processing system and a set of 72-chamber injection molding machine system, This is another achievement made in African market after in Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania.

Win Speedy Success And Carry Forward -Tech-Long Cooperated With Muse To Wholly Enter South Sudan Market 1

TL Senior Director and Project Representatives Recept Customer hospital

In South Sudan, a country newly established, everything is nearly blank. The environment here is rather bad. The sun is scorching and the dust is much throughout the year Muse AF Ltd is the third importer in Uganda with a monthly import volume of about 400 containers. Its business scope includes the vehicle fleet for mining, electronic equipment, machinery for agricultural trade, etc. The customer has Turkey equipment in South Sudan but intends to buy new equipment to increase productivity since unstable and low-efficiency equipment influences productivity.

In this situation, Tech-Long's salesmen seized the opportunity and went to Uganda and South Sudan with our company's technicians for negotiation three times, conducted pre-sale work planned the layout drawing, etc. Then, they successfully invited the customer to visit Tech-Long's equipment Cola factory in Guangzhou, the Tech-Long factory in Shenzhen, and the Zhongfu factory in Changsha. During the visit, the customer learned that Tech-Long started to cooperate with Coca-Cola as early as 2004 and their cooperation has lasted for 10 years now with a total equipment amount of over 80. This was the best proof of the quality of Tech-Long's equipment. In addition, by visiting the good operation of the factory’s onsite light-weight bottle production line and the super-clean filling equipment, etc, the customer highly trusted and accepted Tech-Long at last. Moreover, because of the customer's difficulties such as incomplete local water supply systems, Tech-Long's salesmen went to the local area to negotiate with the customer and provide the customer with enough information and confidence in time.

The cooperation with MUSE is another great success in the market of East Africa and lays solid foundations for Tech-Long's further exploration in Africa, especially in the eastern African market. Meanwhile, it signifies that Tech-Long's large-output BFC equipment marches into the African market successfully once again. In the future, with the continuous development of the African economy and the continuous increase of purchasing power, Tech-Long's technical products like BFC Combi-block will be welcomed by more African countries.

Looking forward to the markets on the African continent, Tech-Long is much more confident.

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