TECH-LONG and Coca cola

Coca-Cola is renowned as the leading soft drink brand globally, commanding an impressive market share of 48%. As a premium beverage enterprise, it has implemented a localization strategy for raw material procurement and packaging supply since its entry into China in the 1980s. In 2000, TECH-LONG partnered with Hong Kong Swire Coca-Cola Co. Ltd and commenced a stable cooperation with Coca-Cola, driven by TECH-LONG's powerful core competencies. Over the years, we have progressed from individual units to complete turnkey equipment projects, and even subcontracting collaborations, receiving high praise from Coca-Cola due to our superior facilities and unparalleled influence. Our partnership has extended beyond just a client-supplier relationship, evolving into a strategic alliance across the production chain. Together, we became pioneers in promoting eco-friendly packaging, contributing to the effort towards a reduced carbon footprint. We are confident that our mutual growth will continue to yield even greater results, and foster a brighter future together.

TECH-LONG and Coca cola 1

History Review

In 2000, Hong Kong Swire Coca-Cola Co., Ltd launched a cooperation with TECH-LONG in the water treatment equipment of 46t RO, starting a friendship of both sides.

In 2002, TECH-LONG provided 3 complete production lines and 3 sets of single units to Coca-Cola, of which the line that could produce 1200 barrels of water in 5-gallons supplied to Hong Kong Swire Coca-Cola Co. Ld was the fastest one in Asia at that moment

In 2003, Mr John Slosar, CED of Swire Coca-Cola Co., Ltd paid a visit to the headquarters of TECH-LONG in Guangzhou; in December, TECH-LONG and Swire Beverages inked the Business Agreement of Strategic Partnership. From that day on, TECH-LONG has officially become the first business strategic partner of Coca-Cola.

In July of 2004, the first production line of carbonated beverage filled with gas provided by TECH-LONG went into production at Guangdong Swire Coca-Cola Co., Ltd, with Mr. John Slosar. CEO of Swire Coca-Cola Co, Ltd cutting the ribbon in Guangzhou himself. This cooperation marked that TECH-LONG, as the first Chinese manufacturer of Swire Coca-Cola, got a full access to Coca-Cola system.

In 2005, subsidiaries of Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola Japan and Coca-Cola South Korea] visited TECH-LONG.

In 2007, hot-filling line 24000BPH supplied to Coca-Cola Australia was assembled, tested and accepted successfully, marking that the complete production line produced by TECH-LONG was approved as first-class products. In the same year, TECH-LONG supplied a complete line for the production of large barrels of water and 10 sets of single units to Coca-Cola.

In 2008, TECH-LONG and Coca-Cola SCMC System took part in the activity of Roots & Shoots, jointly supporting public welfare undertaking. In the same year, TECH-LONG supplied 2 complete production lines and 12 sets of single units to Coca-Cola.

In 2009, TECH-LONG supplied 3 complete production lines and 11 sets of single units to Coca-Cola, of which the four-in-one pulp filling machine provided for Hong Kong Swire Coca-Cola was the first one of TECH-LONG.

In 2010 TECH-LONG and Coca-Cola developed lce Dew, the enwironment-friendly light weight bottled water, of great significance to the efforts and trends of reducing carbon footprints worldwide.lech-Long supplied 2 complete production line sand 11 sets of single units to Coca-Cola.

In 2011, TECH-LONG provided 1 complete production line and 25 sets of single units to Coca-Cola. The same year, Coca-Cola awarded TECH-LONG Best Technology Prize for its innovations, making TECH-LONG the one and only enterprise that won this honor in liquid packaging industry. The prize also furthered the important status of TECH-LONG in the future plans of Coca-Cola.

In 2012, TECH-LONG provided 1 complete production line and 16 sets of single units to Coca-Cola.

In 2013, after strict assessment from panel of CCCIL, TECH-LONG's medium-and-high-speedblower-filler-capper monobloc was permitted to enter the global system of Coca-Cola! The use of the all-in-one machines will be promoted in the bottling plants of CCCIL system.

TECH-LONG and Coca cola 2

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