Indian Turn Key Project

India, short for the Republic of India, is located in southern Asia and is the largest country on the South Asian Sub-continent. With the territory, the climate is hot; most areas belong to the tropical monsoon climate while the Thar Desert in the west of India is the tropical desert climate. In summer. there is an obvious monsoon while in winter the monsoon is not so obvious. As it is located in the tropical zone sparkling beverage products are sold quite well in the Indian market. Among them, Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola account for over 80% of the market share of sparkling beverages. In recent years, as influenced by the concept of a healthy diet, people have begun to turn their eyes on drink selection to bottled water, fruit juice functional drinks, etc.; according to the investigation report of India Beverage Industry Association in 2012themarket of non-carbonated beverage increases by22.73% as compared with that in 2011 so that the market growth potential is huge.

India Megha Springs PVT. LTD. is a manufacturer of beverages and puffed food. lts factory is in Mangalore, a coastal city in the southwest of India. lts employees exceed 1,400 and its annual output value exceeds 35 million dollars. its beverage products include mango juice, soft drinks, purified water and soda water, etc.; especially, its product Bindu, honored as "India Wanglaoji", is quite popular in the local area.

The relationship between Tech-Long and the customer was established three years ago and they always keep good communication and contact. During this period, the customer visited Tech-Long's booth at the Bombay Package Exhibition in 2012 and revealed its plan for new PET bottle sparkling beverage whole lines in 2013. The news spread like wildfire. Peer equipment suppliers contacted the customer and made quotations. However, as Tech-Long's equipment performance and quality were always trusted and favored by the customer, upon comparison, the customer finally confirmed three candidate suppliers: Tech-long, Taiwan equipment, and European equipment.

Indian Turn Key Project 1Indian Turn Key Project 2

Group Photos of the Project Team of TL and That of Megha Company on the site of Megha's new Plant

During this period, Tech-Long got to know that what the customer needed to purchase this time was a whole-line project from pre-processing to film packaging end. Such a demand greatly highlighted Tech-Long's competitive edge. During the customer's visit to Guangzhou in May, Tech-Long's project leader accompanied the customer to visit the BFC whole line for Coca-Cola in Taigu, Guangzhou. The stability and efficiency of the equipment's actual operational performance won the customer's trust for Tech-Long again. Through a three-day field investigation and negotiation, Tech-Long persuaded the customer finally and took the project successfully by its professional technology, localized spare parts and engineering services.

The conclusion of the India Megha Project has great significance to the exploration and development of Tech-Long in the whole market in South Asia. It is the first sparkling BFC whole line in India and also a sample project in the whole South Asia. lt has profound meaning for such a large market led by sparkling beverage products India Megha Project will become the one bright flag erected by Tech-Long in the map of lndian market.

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