Cooperation and innovation for a win-win situation—TECH-LONG and Eastroc Beverage cooperated to build up the first sterilized BFC production line in China

Established in 1987, Shenzhen Eastroc Beverage Co., Ltd. is a private corporate beverage enterprise and a time-honored beverage manufacturer in Shenzhen with three production bases, namely, Guangzhou Eastroc Food & Beverage Co., Ltd., Guangdong Eastroc Vitamin Beverage Co., Ltd. and Anhui Eastroc Food & Beverage Co., Ltd. “Eastroc” is a famous beverage brand in South China and enjoys a high reputation among consumers, food dealers, wholesalers and retailers, with product markets spanning across Guangdong, Hainan, Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Zhejiang, and more, making them a highly influential brand in South China's beverage market. Eastroc's current product lineup includes functional vitamin drinks, Lingnan specialty drinks, intangible cultural heritage drinks ("Eastroc Jiuzhizhai"), tea drinks, fruit and vegetable juice beverages, cool drinks, plant-based drinks, fruit-flavored beverages (including milk and vegetable protein drinks), purified water for drinking, and much more.

Cooperation and innovation for a win-win situation—TECH-LONG and Eastroc Beverage cooperated to build up the first sterilized BFC production line in China 1

Mutual benefits and win-win results starting from scratch

The cooperation between TECH-LONG and Eastroc started a long time ago. ln 2011, a bottle-blow modeling machine revealed the prelude to the cooperation of both parties. In less than one year after that, good news was heard from both parties again. In 2012, three bottle-blowing machines reflected Eastroc's recognition of TECH-LONG's equipment to some extent. By June 2013, Eastroc has purchased several sets of equipment from TECH-LONG. For years, TECH-LONG has always been esteemed highly by senior management of Eastroc on the aspects of its technical solutions, service ability, innovative ability and comprehensive costs. Through the cooperation, Eastroc Beverage has become increasingly popular and TECH-LONG's equipment and technology has become more and more excellent.

Glories based on values

To further expand the market and build a nationally renowned brand. EASTROC BEVERAGECO., LTD has established an Economic and Technological Development Zone in Chuzhou City. Anhui Province, a new plant, which is located on Hangbei Road within the Chengbei Industrial Park and takes up approximately a total construction area of 200,000 sq.m., with total investment amounts to RMB 1.16 billion. Our project is about to adopt a brand-new technology that is playing a dominant role within its domain in the United States, Western Europe, and Japan, i.e. the aseptic filling technique at ambient temperature. Such a unique technique exempts the use of food preservatives at room temperature and helps prolong the shelf-life of our products without depending on refrigerated storage, thus retaining the nutritional ingredients as well as the special flavor of of our products. On this account, PET packaging bottle which is not heat-resistant could be widely employed, which helps in some ways to reduce our packaging costs. Moreover, packaging bottles of various unique shapes could also be designed and put into use according to the product's feature. lt can best fit consumers' desire for healthy and nutritious drinks contemporarily.

Nonetheless, the aseptic filling project at ambient temperature has posed demanding requirements on our equipment suppliers, both in the aspect of their technical standard and the overall corporate strength. So far, only a couple of companies in the world are competent and qualified. Through many field reviews and technical test across the country, it was realized that the Guangzhou TECH-LONG Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd is currently the only one that masters the "sterilization" technology in the true sense in China. In addition to its absolute advantage in technology, the company has demonstrated to us its comprehensive strength by its supplying capacity for a complete set of equipments along with its well-developed service system that aims at solving problems readily all the time. Therefore we have taken great delight in selecting TECH-LONG as our partner. The company has provided for our 36000 bottles a brand-new high-speed aseptic filling and blow spinning production line which sets a precedent in China and promotes the technology, manufacturing and application of the production line to a higher level.

According to the development planning of Eastroc Beverage, after the successful operation of Chuzhou factory in Anhui, it will popularize this production line step by step to the rest factories in China. As for TECH-LONG, this is its initial step in the technical field arising from marketing and aggressive performance in the market. In the future, the sterilized BFC production line will be widely applied in the filling industry of fruit juice, functional drinks, tea, and dairy products drinks and TECH-LONG will certainly become the wind vane indicating the development of domestic sterilized filling equipment.


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Sterilized filling equipment has been developed overseas for many years, but it remains at the development stage in China. The sterilized BFC equipment launched by TECH-LONG is the first in China and is manufactured based on TECH-LONG's independent research and development combining the BFC technology with sterilized filling technology. its technical points lie in the following:

1. Integration: it is combined by the bottle-blowing machine and the filling equipment directly.

2. The omission of bottle transportation via air conveyors reduces customers' inputs in hardware equipment.

3. lt can reduce customers' costs for subsequent equipment maintenance and management.

4. It reduces the equipment's floor space for usage.

5. lt reduces the risk of being contaminated during the process of bottle transportation.

6. The adoption of low-temperature filling reduces the time that products are heated and reduces energy consumption.

7. The materials and products use high-temperature instant sterilization, which can maintain the products' nutrients, taste and flavor.

8. The use of lightweight bottles saves costs for PET packaging materials.

9. The bottle models can be designed differently without considering heat resistance.

10. lt is more suitable for filling heat-sensitive products, for example, dairy product drinks, etc.


To enhance the operational stability of the equipment, several preventive measures have been incorporated into the machine's design. These measures include the automatic elimination of improperly shaped bottles and reverse bottle caps, which effectively precludes unqualified packaging vessels from entering the main filling machine and disrupting its normal operation. The equipment possesses standard BFC equipment features and complies with sterilized cold-filling technological requirements. Furthermore, it offers unique advantages. Its efficiency and conciseness can bring actual benefits to manufacturers, making it a potential top choice for sterilized filling equipment in the future.

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