The wet sterilization aseptic line of TECH-LONG helps Leyuan to produce efficiently

Special report of Zhejiang Leyuan 24000BPH wet sterilization aseptic line

Zhejiang Leyuan Biological Engineering Co., LTD., founded in 1998, is a modern independent brand enterprise focusing on beverage development and integrating scientific research, production and sales. The company is headquartered in the CBD of Qianjiang New Town, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, and its factory is located in Deqing County, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province. It has two production bases, covering a total area of 117800 square meters, and has seven domestically leading automatic fruit juice filling production lines. It has a series of products including Guoshu Mijue 100% fruit juice, Guoshu Mijue 100% fruit and vegetable juice, Leyuan Yipin, Leyuan Lime, Leyuan Fruit Orange, etc. Leyuan is committed to making every consumer drink better juice drinks.

As consumers' demand for high-quality drinks continues to increase, Leyuan, as a beverage manufacturer, can always seize the opportunities to launch beverage products that meet the market by combining its own advantages. From the hot filling juice line, ultra-clean cold chain juice line to the aseptic cold filling juice line signed in 2021, TECH-LONG and Leyuan have kept close contact. Based on years of cooperation, Zhejiang Leyuan highly trusted our company's strength, and immediately decided to purchase the 24000BPH wet sterilization aseptic line of TECH-LONG. The contract was signed in September 2021, and the equipment was delivered in April 2022 and successfully put into production.

The wet sterilization aseptic line of TECH-LONG helps Leyuan to produce efficiently 1

In order to bring consumers a better taste of original juice and a healthier beverage experience, TECH-LONG introduced the new generation of TECH-LONG wet sterilization aseptic line to Leyuan, which has the following advantages.

1. Thanks to the unique advantage of aseptic lines, it is possible to extend the shelf life of products without adding preservatives.

2. Compared with the traditional hot filling process, the aseptic line can reduce the filling temperature, ensure the original flavor of juice as much as possible, and improve the taste.

3. After the filling temperature comes down, the weight of the bottles will be reduced accordingly, and there is no need for too much reinforcement, which makes the appearance of the bottles more aesthetically pleasing.

4. The stability of the domestic first-class production line is stronger, and the energy consumption is much lowered compared with the counterparts, thus reducing the operation cost of the enterprise.

The wet sterilization aseptic line of TECH-LONG helps Leyuan to produce efficiently 2

TECH-LONG has always been adhering to the concept of "Runs for You", committed to providing advanced technology and high quality service for the beverage industry. Understanding the hope of Leyuan that the aseptic line can be put into operation as soon as possible, in order to try our best to meet the needs of the customer, we have involved more than 40 engineers and installers in the installation period, and under the premise of safe construction, we have been working hard to meet the schedule and finish the work efficiently in a rigorous and responsible attitude, so that the aseptic production line has the condition of aseptic validation after one month of delivery, and passed the validation of culture media aseptic production line at one go. After one month's testing and improvement, the production line successfully produced the first batch of products with an amazing efficiency of 97%, which was appreciated and affirmed by the customer.

With years of experience in aseptic line technology development, TECH-LONG has been committed to providing the world's best and most advanced aseptic assembly line. Based on its mature blowing-filling-capping technology, TECH-LONG has developed aseptic filling lines that are ahead of its domestic counterparts, and have unparalleled advantages over its domestic counterparts. The aseptic team of TECH-LONG has more than 30 professional technological developers, and strong technical research and development technology and excellent professionals is the source of continuous innovation. In addition, TECH-LONG has established long-term cooperation with professional colleges and universities, authoritative microbiological research institutions and international top dust sterilization suppliers currently in a number of fields to provide complete process certification and microbiological research and other technical support for our aseptic products, and to provide customers with worry-free aseptic beverage products.

The future prospects of this cooperation are promising. As industry leaders in their respective fields for more than 20 years, Leyuan and TECH-LONG have joined hands to explore new technologies, produce high-quality beverages and draw a blueprint for development!



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