TECH-LONG Automation System's Success in Fireworks Production Industry

TECH-LONG Automation System's Success in Fireworks Production Industry 1

TECH-LONG's automatic packing and detection, labeling and loading system was recently approved by a fireworks company in Guangdong Province and received positive feedback from the customer. This success has enabled TECH-LONG to enter the fireworks production industry and grow its market presence.

This fully automated fireworks production line system includes packing and detection, labeling, and loading capabilities, with a speed of 600 boxes per hour, meeting all production line requirements. Prior to implementation, manual loading of explosive boxes weighing 25KG required extensive and intensive labor, with low production efficiency and high safety risks. Through the implementation of TECH-LONG's system, full automation has been achieved, with effective reductions in on-site labor, resulting in reduced long-term labor costs and substantially lower risks of harm to workers in the event of explosion occurrences.

TECH-LONG Automation System's Success in Fireworks Production Industry 2

In the whole set of system, TECH-LONG has applied manipulator in labeling process in an innovative way, which gains unexpected effect. Compared with traditional labeling method, manipulator labeling is very flexible, and the labeling location can be changed as needed. With sound compatibility, it can better adapt to diverse product model and variable labeling location, etc.

In loading process, we have introduced industrial robots who will pile up the whole box of explosives neatly in an enclosed container truck. This groundbreaking application is the first of its kind in the fireworks industry, so is in the entire loading sector in China. It fills a crucial gap in the Chinese market, placing us at the forefront of the industry. With advanced concept and high adaptability, the loading robot application shall make a difference in the sector of loading market. Additionally, it has the potential to become one of our competitive industrial automation products as we expand into the logistics industry.


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