How Tech-Long Entered the Malaysian Edible Oil Market

Oil filling requires high filling precision and hygiene. In addition, commercial-scale oil filling is a huge challenge due to dripping and splashing.

In response to these problems, Tech-Long has been improving its filling technology. As a result, ensuring precise filling, hygienic operation, and the appearance of product residue containers are not a problem for Tech-Long automatic oil filling machines.

Continental Resource is one of the major edible oil OEM factories in Malaysia. This article will mainly introduce the collaboration between Tech-Long and Continental Resource, and Tech-long Oil Filling Solutions. Keep reading!

An Overview of the Collaboration

Due to the need for projects, Continental Resource needed to purchase full-line edible oil equipment. With a good brand image and excellent equipment supply capability, Tech-Long has entered the ranks of equipment suppliers and reached cooperation.

The cooperation process was smooth based on Tech-Long’s equipment quality and project experience. In addition, the design-to-production timeline was tight and efficient, shaving up to two months shorter than originally planned.


Challenges and Solutions of the Cooperation

In general, after the project acceptance, Tech-Long will guide and train the operation technicians of the customer’s factory. However, the project’s production has been delayed due to order adjustments from Continental Resource. Therefore, the on-site training of operators had to be postponed.

In August of the same year, the project urgently needed formal production. Under this situation, Tech-Long dispatch engineers to assist customers immediately.

Subsequently, to ensure long-term stable and efficient equipment production, the Tech-Long project service team went to the Continental Resource’s factory again to overhaul the equipment. At the same time, Tech-Long has strengthened the training of on-site operators in a targeted manner.


Tech-Long Automatic Oil Filling Machine Solution

Tech-Long provides accurate, hygienic, and residue-free Automatic Oil Filling Machine Solutions. Our oil filling solutions include edible oil filling and industrial oil filling. The efficiency of our oil filling solution is 36000 bottles per hour. Additionally, we can improve your oiler design to meet your specific product features. On the other hand, we provide two types of oil filling machines for your business to choose from:

  • Large Size Bottel: Weigh Filling
  1. Suitable for PET, glass, HDPE, PE bottles, and cans;
  2. The weighing instrument controls the filling accuracy, and there is no limit on the filling amount;
  3. The filling valve has a suction function to avoid dripping;
  4. Quick recipe changes;
  5. Positive pressure or gravity filling;
  6. Automatic CIP system;
  • Small Size Bottle: Mass Flow Meter Filling
  1. Process different bottles on one machine;
  2. Accurate fill level control;
  3. Maintenance-free flow meter;
  4. Automatic CIP dummy bottle;
  5. Optimum flow path in filling valve to ensure complete CIP;
  6. Faster filling speed;
  7. Quick recipe changes;
  8. easy to maintain;



The cooperation with Continental Resource is Tech-Long’s first achievement in the Malaysian edible oil market. With the completion of the first step, in December of the following year, Tech-Long obtained another full line of edible oil filling projects in the Malaysian market.

Guangzhou Tech-Long Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. (Tech-Long), established in 1998, is a provider of intelligent workshops and factory solutions with a new generation of information technology as the core.

At Tech-Long, we have the only national R&D center in the industry. On the other hand, we have set up a machining department and a quality inspection center to provide a solid foundation for product quality.

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