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"To fill the product with different size of bottles, to test and verfiy the innovation of changing several bottle size on production’’.These are the challenge facing on us for upgrading the Yihai Kerry equipment in Xingping Shanxi. From installation and commissioning to start-up production, Tech-Long Project Service Team only has 10 days. "Minimum losses, maximum accuracy, cost reduction to the most extent and 100% success rate of commissioning’’, these are requirements proposed by the customer on site.

IN 2007, Yihai Kerry (Xingping] Food Industry Co., Ltd. was established formally with a total investment of 88 million dollars and a floor area of 461.2 mu. Located in Xingping Food Industrial Park, it is one of the largest grain and oil manufacturing enterprises integrating the processing and trading of grease, flour and rice.

In 2012, Tech-Long and Shaanxi Xingping Yihai Kerry Company concluded a strategic cooperation agreement that Tech-Long would provide Xingping Yihai Kerry with a set of weighing and filling machine equipment. This was another factory removal and production technical upgrading project of Yihai Kerry Group.Owing to the excellent regional material supply the output demand of this production base was far more than that of Yihai Group's production bases in other regions. Thus, the whole project had very high requirements for equipment technology, project duration and cost control.Moreover, the success of this project determines whether this factory could meet the demand of supply chain timely. At the beginning of project approval, based on the actual situations of the project, Tech-Long customized a project solution to combine equipment selection and practical requirement so that it perfectly met the factory's requirement at the time of project approval.

Compared with previous vacuumed or flow meter-based filling machines, the biggest advantages of weight filling machine in this project are its high accuracy and non contact filling, which will save oil worth of RMB 1 million to 2 million yuan annually. Moreover, the gram weight of the bottle preform is reduced and its cost is also reduced greatly. This is sustainable and effective cost conservation for Xingping Yihai Kerry. Besides, as the project equipment belongs to universal-type filling machines, it can be operated for the production and filling bottle models. The expansion of the applications cope reduces the customer's cost input in the production equipment.

As for the weight filling machine, the interchangeable production of different bottle size was design innovation and many techniques should be tested and verified on the production site. The most principal goal in the process of project installation was to adjust the equipment in the shortest time to make it meet the on site production requirements to the largest extent Besides, training and communication should be conducted for the customer's operating and technical personnel to make them qualified for production during the period of start up production so as to shorten the time from start up production to batch production to the greatest extent. Tech-Long had 10 days only for the installation of the whole project. As the time was short and the task was heavy, to keep up with the progress, Tech-Long Project Service Team worked day and night to make time and finally succeeded in the installation within the time specified. Then, as required by the customer,Tech-Long's workers conduct production tests by changing to another model every week. Ultimately, it completed the customer's production requirements with perfect performance.

For the satisfying operation of this project, Tech-Long provides excellent equipment and services for Xingping Yihai Kerry with the help of its abundant experience and tried to make a win-win situation. lt is believed that both parties will seize new opportunities for cooperation and scale new heights in their businesses.

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